Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sometimes & Always

Happy Tuesday!!
I am not at work blogging.  No matter what anyone says ;)

Sometimes: I plan to edit photos and share them right away.
Always: They pile up in my "edited" folder, if they even made it to the editing process.

Sometimes: People say they get "Blogger's Block".
Always: I have so MUCH to post about that "Blogger's Block" isn't an issue- it's how to decide what to post and when.

Sometimes: I get caught up in blogging and forget about my "real world" responsibilites.
Always:  At least my hubby is very understanding, because I don't forget to take care of him.

Sometimes: I wish that blogging was my "real world".
Always: Yep... still wish...Oh how wonderful it would be, to be like that chick from The Bachelor who isn't even a good blogger, and yet, somehow does it for a living.

Sometimes: I realize that blogging for monetary success or publicity is probably the wrong inspiration.
Always: I'd like to think that if it was my "job", I would still be focusing on sharing, teaching and learning.

Sometimes: I'm afraid to be completely honest for fear of back-lash.
Always: I am honest anyways, because there's got to be at least one person out there that will relate to what I have to say and I might help them.

Sometimes: Bloggers are happy to tell me that they disagree with me.
Always: I am HAPPY that they even read my blog and glad that they feel comfortable expressing their true opinions to me.  Luckily, thus far, they have been respectful about it.  Let's PLEASE keep it that way.

Ok, well I'm gonna go back to what I was doing... which I never stopped doing, because I'm a good employee like that...hehe.


Mama and her boys said...

you are so funny! I also do NOT blog at work!! :) I had to stop posting my blog link on my fb because ppl were starting to raise eye brows... or I an paranoid. haha! xo

Mama and her boys said...

I am I am terrified of backlash on my blog, but if you noticed my post today, I shared one VERY private detail that I was afraid would offend people. I ultimately decided that I am writing for me and while I never intend to offend others, this is who i am :)

Alyssa said...

So jealous that you don't get blogger's block haha! I

Erin said...

Did you find that girl's blog?! She is nutty! She gave us bloggers a bad image!

Holly said...

I know what you mean about sometimes not wanting to be honest on your blog in case you annoy people, I worry about that sometimes too, especially when I write about personal beliefs and religion. But I do it anyway. :)

Megan said...

Heck yeah, I want to be a full time paid blogger, too!! It doesn't mean my motives for blogging content would change...I just want to get paid for it!! Haha!!

Thanks for linking up with me!!


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