Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Future Vlog

I have been watching my first attempt at a Vlog and cracking up all morning.  I had grand plans to post it this morning, but Youtube is being a pain in the butt, so I'll post it sometime this week if I can get it to work!  I really hope I can, because I want to share it, but my friends and family wouldn't understand if I made them watch it.  People outside of Blogland just don't get it sometimes- you know what I mean- they'd be all like "What the heck is a vlog?"

Question for y'all:
How do you center photos from Pinterest on your blog? Clicking "Center" doesn't work, and I tried to play with the html code, so I can get the picture to center, but not the source...I know there has to be some simple trick...HELP!

Use ^^ this as your mantra for the rest of the week...It will be quite entertaining ;)


P!nky said...

YAY a VLOG I can't wait!!! Soo much fun. dear youtube get it together please!

Wish I could help you with the pintrest issues, but I'm the ONLY lady on the planet that doesn't pin! I know right?!?!?

Great mantra, I'm on it for the week!


Unknown said...

I'm not for sure this will work with Pinterest photos, but when I can't get stuff to center by hitting the button, I click add caption and then just clear the default text. :)


Pamela said...

Can't wait to see your vlog! Love the pin, ha!

lilmoomoo said...


love the quote.


isn't it weird how being positive can cause so much annoyance, and sometimes hate?!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Mmhmm...I usually always use the centre button! I'm in trouble if it doesn't work...hope someone helps you out because I may need to know!

Amanda said...

Love that mantra! And for centering the images, here's my step-by-step guide.

When you're on Pinterest, right click on the image you want, then click "open image in a new tab."

Next, go to your blog post, and when you click the add image icon, click the option that says "From URL."

Go back to your tab with the image, copy and paste the url into the spot where it goes. When you see the image, click upload!

Then you should easily be able to adjust alignment. I hope this works for you!

Unknown said...

hmm...idk how to do that - sorry! and love that quote...sometimes its the story of my life and i cant figure out why people are upset with me for being happy...but then i have that super down day and see someone beaming and i get it :)
LOVE your blog btw :)


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