Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Dive Bar On Christmas

I've gotten wild on a lot of holidays, but Christmas was not one of those. That is, until this year!
Christmas day was pretty traditional. Christmas night? That's a different story...

 photo b10_zps4a50d503.jpg

From left to right, you will find my big brother Michael, our friend Adam, and Will enjoying stogies and scotch. This was meant to be a relaxing "man" thing, but once they took my dad on in pool and got a few beers in my was party on. 

Just when I was all funned out {yes, I'm an old woman}, I heard my mom mention The Trail {neighborhood dive bar}, and boy-yoy-yoy-yoy-yoing! I was instantly ready to go again. There is something about partying with your parents that just makes it more exciting, and throw in the fact that your are getting down and dirty at The Trail? Pure awesomeness.

 photo b11_zpsef2cc888.jpg
Just missing our big sis and our little brother. 
We totally would have brought Marc if we wouldn't have gotten arrested.

Did I mention that there were crazy storm warnings? We didn't just go out on Christmas; We braved a storm! That is some determination.

 photo b14_zpsa1c02462.jpg

You know you love our reindeer antlers. Such an amazing Dollar Store find.
A dolla' makes me holla!

 photo b12a_zps8349fa6c.jpg

 photo b19_zps293108b1.jpg

Our parents were pretty much the life of the party too.
Daddio, was a pool shark:

 photo b18_zps5ccac0d6.jpg

And mom was taking Irish Car Bombs with the boys. Yes, I said Bomb(s), as in multiple.
Evidenced here:

 photo b21_zps126c6ac1.jpg

 photo b21a_zps9b393af5.jpg

I would just like to take a moment to simply thank my parents for being so effing cool. You guys have always been "rad" parents, and obviously great at child rearing {Hello? My siblings and I turned out awesome}, but now I can truly appreciate how kick-ass y'all are.

I can now check this off my bucket list ;)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cute Kid With Puppy Alert!

'Ello, 'ello!
I am in quite the chipper mood because our Best Man is flying in from Virginia, and we are going to meet him in Keystone on Sunday! It almost didn't happen because Will forgot to tell me he was coming, but I guess it was meant to be 'cuz it all worked out. Aunt Amanda even offered to watch her nephew for us. Her kiddos have been begging to have him over for a visit, and they seriously melts my heart. Just look at this face:

 photo IMG_5858_zps560ff7d2.jpg

In other news, you can find me over here today discussing the "Girl Code" and snaring Prince Charming. I have dubbed myself a talent in the "finding and landing Prince Charming" department, so head over to put your two cents in and/or learn how to snare him if you are single. You know you wanna!

 photo PIElabel.jpg

In case you are wondering who I am visiting today, it is this Pretty Lady that I'm about to introduce. Erin lives in New York City, but is as sweet as a small town girl. Don't let that fool you, though...She is sassy and fun, and I am very happy to present her as the FIRST participant in the Perception Series for 2013!

1. That I needed to have it all figured out.
2. That in order to be successful I needed to stick to the corporate world.
3. That I would be engaged at the age of 23.
4. That I couldn't start over in a new field after spending time and money on a degree.
5. That Santa was real.
6. That certain friendships wouldn't ever fizzle out.
7. That I'd be married to Brad Pitt (the short haired version) by now.
8. That I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted without my abs turning to flub.  
1. That I will never, ever have it figured out and that's the beauty of life.
2. That in order to remain happy I needed to get the heck out of the corporate world.
3. That I wouldn't at all want to be engaged at the age of 23.
4. That my degree was most likely the biggest waste of two and a half years of my life.
5. That Santa is instead, family, friends, food, festive outfits, and fun holiday decorations.
6. That certain friendships must be fizzled out if they are fake.
7. That he's not married yet and I still have a chance (that is if his hair is still short).
8. That I might have to incorporate some core workouts into my puppy chow eating capabilities.  
1. A prissy little pushover.
2. A girl that looks five years younger than she really is.
3. A stuck-up "too cool for school" bitch because I don't talk to them.
4. An extremely and annoyingly stubborn individual.
5. Ridiculously picky in all aspects of life.  
1. That I'm no dummy and will easily stand up for myself in any situation.
2. That when I turn 50 I will greatly appreciate all of the "You look like a 12 year old" jokes.
3. That I'm actually just extremely shy around people that I don't know.
4. That they'll need to help my future husband out in this aspect.
5. That I believe life is too short not to be and this will probably never, ever change.  
1. It's a hobby that a thoroughly enjoy.
2. Of the amazing support and encouragement I get from all of my readers.
3. It allows me to have some sort of creative outflow.
4. I get an ab workout while reading some hilarious bloggers' posts.
5. It provides a crap ton of inspiration and advice.
6. I enjoy stalking other people's lives.
7. I would have probably gotten a dog by now if it wasn't for all the puppy pictures I see daily.
8. I need new crock pot recipes.
9. Of the new friends I've acquired through the experience.
10. I couldn't imagine not having this wonderful world in my life everyday.

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Oh boy can I relate to the "You look like a 12 year old" jokes. I've actually started telling bartenders that I'm under age when they give me crap about drinking water, and they legit believe me. Sorry to tell ya, but even at 27 it still happens. At least we've tapped in to the Fountain Of Youth.

Well, what are y'all still doing here?
Go say hi!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas In January

Can we pretend that it is not then end of January, and I am not extremely behind recapping our trip home and the holidays? Don't worry, I could give you all the excuses...busy, the FLU, work, taking care of the hubs, etc., but I won't. All that you need to know is that the time has come for me to share some of the amazing memories.

 photo xmasgarland_zps72e6bfd4.jpg

Okay, so as most of you know, we went to Pensacola, Florida for the holidays.
We kicked off the trip at my Aunt's for our traditional Christmas Eve shindig, and it was every bit as wonderful as I remember and more. Plus I was happy to share it with Will for the first time.

 photo a3_zps9e3459fb.jpg

 photo a12_zpsb200f690.jpg

Three of the most important men in my life:
{Oh, and that sucker in orange is my BABY brother}

 photo a2Collage_zpsde3acea3.jpg

Our Parental Units!

 photo a11_zpse9436fd2.jpg
           photo a8_zpsed990118.jpg

 photo A4_zpsf2351024.jpg

This might be my most favorite photo EVER:

 photo a6_zps0c765975.jpg

 photo a7_zpsb455edf9.jpg

 photo a5_zps39a72c30.jpg

Obviously, Christmas comes next...

 photo A1_zps3010b1b8.jpg

 photo b1_zpscfa47ebc.jpg
Granny B, SIL, and Big Brother

 photo b2_zpsf1fd9051.jpg

I can't even describe how amazing it was to wake up in my childhood home on Christmas morning, to have Momma's Cinnamon Buns, to watch my brother enjoy one of his last few Christmas's as a 'child', and to be completely enveloped in love. Add the fact that Will was there and you have one blissfully happy girl.

 photo b5_zpsc361484d.jpg

 photo b7_zpse5cbea75.jpg
Momma reading the Advent Prayer

 photo b8_zps3668dc7b.jpg

And a never before seen picture of me:

 photo b2a_zpsd11dee10.jpg

I think I look pretty much the same...Although, I might have had better style back then.
I rocked the heck out of those bib dresses.

I could go on about Christmas, but I will have to save it for another day. Surprisingly, things got crazy and we ended up at a dive bar with our parents. I promise it is as exciting as it sounds, and I will be happy to tell you more about it soon!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Will Secretly Hides Trash

Y'all...for the first time in YEARS, I went to the gym all by myself!

 photo IMG_6782_zpsa281c43f.jpg

{Please excuse the hoochies in the background}

I went to the new gym on post and it is

 photo PicCollagegym_zpsb26d1c58.jpg

I mean, just look at the pool! I would totally take my kids if I had any.

 photo IMG_6787_zps699c3047.jpg

Did I mention that the gyms on Post are free? Awesome perk of the Military life.

We ate:

 photo PicCollagefood_zpsa8bdbe04.jpg

We watched:

Source: via Janna on Pinterest

Source: via Janna on Pinterest

Both were great movies. Lincoln is awesome if you are into History, but Django is just plain awesome. You may not like it if you don't Like Tarantino movies, but I just think of the blood as exclamation points. I hate blood and gore, but for some reason it didn't bother me in this movie. It was really well done and riveting, I might add.

But the best part?
After a long day of work on Friday, I came home to dinner cooked, my favorite new album downloaded, movie night planned, and these:

 photo IMG_6778_zps8f21e2e1.jpg

I have to show you the follow up too:

 photo Flowersfb_zpseadf6bfe.png

Speaks for itself, I believe ;)

It wasn't a wild weekend, but it was perfect and just what I needed.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Today, I Need Your Help

Next weekend, we will be attending our FIRST Military Ball, and I have nothing to wear. This town has the most hideous dresses/nothing in my size, and now that I realize this, it is too late to order something.

If I had time, I would order this:

But since I think that would be overdoing it for our Unit and it's not an option, these are my choices:

This Kenneth Cole.
{Excuse the poor picture quality. This was eons ago}

after dinner photoshoot ;) photo 22132_602438162265_8241472_n.jpg

This BCBG.
The color pops more than this picture, but I'm not entirely sure it fits.

Source: via Janna on Pinterest

This J.Crew dress.
I would pair it with some Vintage Jewelry and/or possible add a belt of some sort.

To all my Military wives...Could any of these be appropriate?

There is a slight chance that my friend has two dresses that might work, but I'm trying to prepare for worst case scenario. Obviously, I nee HELP!

And just to end on a good note, I love this pic:

Yep...he loves me ;) photo 22132_602438666255_1186292_n.jpg

Red nails and wine in my hand?
So out of the ordinary.


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