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If you are here to advertise, I am ecstatic that you are interested!
Why do I think you should advertise with me?
I have been blogging for a year and there's no end in sight!
(That means I won't flake out on ya)

+ Over 1,100 GFC Followers
+ Over 1000 Facebook and Twitter Followers
+Over 18,000 Page views per month
+ Over 800 Instagram and Pinterest followers

What's even better, is that for the time being, I'm offering TWO options for Sponsorship.
Month to Month Sponsorship

#1 You can message me for some very reasonable rates.
#2 You can choose one of the following prompts, and submit a Guest post, along with a photo of yourself, and your blog button. Sounds easy (and hopefully fun), right?
It's part of my Perception Is Everything Series, and is featured every Wednesday!

Prompt #1:
Share an experience with my followers of a time where someone perceived you in a way that surprised you or was not true, and how that affected you negatively or positively.
Example: I could share about the fact that everyone perceives me as a "dumb blonde" or ten years younger than I actually am. I could then explain how it used to bother me, and now I find it entertaining.
Prompt #2:
Share and experience where you misjudged someone, and what you learned from those false perceptions. This could be that you trusted someone that ended up hurting you, but I'd prefer that you judged someone negatively that ended up being the wrong assumption.
I'd like to showcase the negative side of perceptions, but will accept both entries.
Example: I almost believed the judgments of others, and didn't give my best friend a chance.
Now I realize that I would be lost with out her!
Prompt #3:
Share the positive side of a negative experience you faced.
Example: Enduring my husband's deployment is hard, but I am happy that I love someone so much that every minute is worth it.
Prompt #4
Is a fill in the blank.

I used to think...
Now I know...
People see me as...
But I hope that they know...
I blog because...

Source: via Janna on Pinterest

Email me directly,, with the following:
Your name
A photo of yourself
Your blog button
Your answer to the prompt of choice
Subject line: Sponsor Creativity

Please inform me of ANY questions you have, and give me a heads up if you are participating.
We all claim to love writing so much, so I am excited to see what the participants come up with, and who will be up for the challenge!
Are you?


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