Friday, February 27, 2015

I Cut SIX Inches Off My Hair

TGIF! Can I say that now? Technically I have a job...
I may have today off already, but still I'm happy it's Friday. Actually, I'll be happy when it's next Wednesday. Tomorrow I have to volunteer in the morning, baby shower in the afternoon, shoot to Pensacola to sign our FIRST set of tenants, tie up loose ends at the house, back to Enterprise to attend meetings Monday morning, more volunteering, work, and then a HUGE community service event Tuesday. I. Can't. Wait. For. Wednesday.

Okay, so normally I wouldn't be due for a haircut until um...May or something because I'm cheap I just don't care to get my hair cut often. However, due to the current climate of my life, my hair has grown like Kudzu vine. As such, it doesn't look like I cut 6 inches off, but it is the shortest it has been in years and I think I like it.

Other than busy {as usual} and lopping my hair off, we have found our tenants and will hopefully have the paperwork finalized in time for March 1st rent (whoopwhoop), I FINALLY ordered the free pair of Ariat boots I won several months ago, and CQB is now about 13oz. I still don't feel pregnant in spite of the itty bitty baby bump, but I do get more excited by the day. Homegirl is taking over our lives, and I'm completely okay with that. ;)

In closing, I'm ecstatic that The Voice is back on. It's one of the very few shows that I actually look forward to, and it leaves me with a perma-smile every time. The raw talent, the ambition, the camaraderie, and watching the coaches humbled by these newbs gets me every time. I always catch myself still as a statue, mouth wide open, and a huge goofy grin to boot while I watch. If you've never watched it- you are missing out!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When Valentine's Meets Mardi Gras

I was a happy pregger after Will setup a firepit, cooked cedar plank salmon and wings, and roasted me s'mores, so when he told me Valentine's was going to continue into Fat Tuesday I was over the moon about it. Being as my mom is from Louisiana,  Mardi Gras holds a big place in my heart and I love that we are in the South to celebrate it. People celebrated in Colorado while we were there, but it just ain't the same, y'all ;)

Since we had our appointment on Tuesday, he planned for us to stay on the Bay in Fairhope Monday night. We stayed at Emma's Bay House, which I can't say enough good things about and even got to attend the annual Fairhope parade in their quaint little downtown area. We walked the bay, explored the B&B, we he had drinks at McSharry's Pub, dined on Italian at Pinzone's, and Will caught me Moon Pies at the parade! Let's be honest...that's all I wanted, so everything else was a super duper bonus.

As you know, the appointment went well, so then it was time to get our Fat Tuesday celebration on! He even chose the Berney Fly on Government St. as our second B&B because it was close enough for us to walk to the parade route. It's so adorable that he thinks of everything ;) Technically, we didn't actually witness the parade after realizing the unruly crowd was a bit much for me in this condition, but we did have a bangin' dinner on Dauphin Street and I got a WHOLE King Cake to mySELF. Okay, okay, I took most of it home, but it was aaaall mine! I also found the baby in the first bite, so I take it as good luck.

Will definitely over did it on planning all this and I definitely gave a few side eyes at him, but I was so thankful that he wanted us to have such a special trip 'before baby'. It was THE perfect way to take the pressure off from the impending appointment, celebrate the crazyiness life has thrown at us, and truly enjoy each other's company while making memories of two before we are three. No matter what, he's my everything, and CQB is a glorious extension of that.

For everyone that said "Ew" when we said we were moving to your hearts out ;) You just don't know what you are missing out on here.

Monday, February 23, 2015

I Got A J-O-B!

Okay, so maybe calling it a 'job' is a stretch, but I am getting paid and that's what matters. A month ago, I saw a fellow MilSpouse was looking for someone to meet their kids when they get off the bus and keep them alive until their dad gets home. I hadn't been looking for a job and haven't been a nanny in ten years, but I figured "why not?"

On top of that, I've been learning to run this investment house of ours, and that might actually start paying off today too. I'd had some interest, but no solid tenant options until this weekend. A friend suggested I share it on, and hot damn my phone and email has been blowing up! I had to schedule an open house to accommodate the 30+ people that have contacted me, and my dear old dad is going to run the showing for us. He's never done anything like this, so I hope it doesn't overwhelm him.

We honestly owe him a lot after all he's helped us with during this process. He built us new drawers to give us more storage in the kitchen, he's been back and forth checking every detail, and he and Will saved us hundreds of dollars by putting up all the blinds. Speaking of...blinds are holy expensive, and custom fitting them? oy vey... It really didn't take us long to get it all done with the three of us, but now I see why people pay big bucks to have them installed.

Today feels like a good day...a good day to start a fun part time gig and a great day to find a worthy tenant for our little investment home. Show me the monnnaaaayyyyy.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Patting Myself On The Back

I was blown away when I got Volunteer of the month for FRCSC back in August, but now I'm just speechless after getting a POST WIDE award from the Commander! You can read about it in the Army Flier {C1-3}, but basically I was recognized along with some other AMAZING co-volunteers for our service as part of the Volunteer Corp. I didn't even know what a Spouse Club was when we moved here, and now I'm happy to be an integral be needed.

The best part was they tried to surprise me and told Will about it two weeks early to make sure he was there to support me. I know it doesn't compare to the absolutely incredible things he has done in his career, but he knows that I volunteer on post to represent him, learn more about the Army, and make him proud. I'd like to think that makes us a good team.

I probably won't be able to do as much come baby time, but I hope to always be involved. Other spouses tell me that they don't know enough about the military to get involved on post, but how else do you think you learn? On the job training is the best kind, and although I may not have gotten paid for volunteering, I definitely got invaluable information, experience, and lasting friendships in return. That and a sweet VOQ parking pass coupled with bragging rights ;)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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