Saturday, April 19, 2014

So....I'm On My Way To The Hospital

I woke up this morning to bumps and inflammation on my eyelid, which freaked the heck out of me. Obviously I'm not dying, but after having weird inflammation on my skin that has spread to my eye area, I'm a little alarmed. I chalked up the inflammation to a reaction with the new lotion I was using, but I stopped using it a week ago and the problem is spreading. Normally, I wouldn't freak out, but when it's so close to my eyes...that does not seem right.

I immediately called my doctors office {crying}, and luckily they can get me in today. They told me to take Benadryl and Motrin, so I've done that, made a list of new things I've used in the last couple of weeks, and now I'm just anxiously awaiting my appointment.What sucks, is that I just want a hug from Will. I have to walk into the hospital with what looks like acne all over my face, a little more scared than I'd like to admit, and I just wish I didn't have to go alone. These are the times that I can't be as strong as I'd like to be.

The doctor confirmed that it is, in fact, an allergic reaction, and she thinks that it's from the lotion since it is only on my face. She prescribed me Zyrtec, Zantac, and Prednisone, and I'm not aloud to use anything on my face but a mild soap. I don't really like not being able to use my regular skin care regimen, but I'll do whatever will make this better! I did question using the Prednisone, but after everyone weighing in on Facebook, I decided to take it. I can type really, really fast on steroids...let me tell ya. Let's just pray that my face doesn't look crazy for Will tomorrow! He doesn't care, but I do.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Family Says The Darndest Things

I'm in Pensacola again, SURPRISE! I'm getting in one last visit before I get my sexy soldier back, and soaking up every minute home. Today, I want to share some great memories that have been  made in the form of hilarious statements by my wonderfully-zany family. Not only am I cracking up over them, I'm happy I'll have these memories forever. Daddy and I even built a table, but that'll have to wait until another day.

Throwback from 2010 or '11? Ignore Paula's panty shot.

Don't they look fun? Oh just wait...

I had a breakfast date with my baby brother (Marc) and his BFF (Adam) at Golden Corral. Obviously, it was the perfect setting for the following convo...
Adam: Do you like, burp or fart?
Me: Heck yeah, I get giddy when I can fart on Will, and get him back for doing it to me.
Marc: I have the best sister ever.

Grandma's neighbor: Who was over at your house?
Grandma: My gran'baby.
Neighbor: But I saw a truck...
Grandma: Isn't that something? She's a girl and drives a truck!

Great Aunt Margaret: So dahlin', where are you working at now?
Me: I'm not.
Great Aunt Margaret: That's wonderful! You got you a good man {winkwink}.

Mama: Look! There's a Kitchenaid on QVC!
Me: This one from Brad's Deals is less than $200.
Mama: I need this one because it has higher wattage.
Me: Okay, then how about this one, still under $200 and has an even higher wattage.
Mama: I need the extra attachments too.
Me: Yep, we've got those too.
Mama: Brad's Deals isn't QVC and doesn't have an app.
Me: Is this even about the mixer or because you want to use your new app?
Mama: Now just you hush, {insert extra Southern drawl} I need to figure this app out.

Me: Marc and his friends are surprised that hanging with me is like hanging with any of their friends, and not someone ten years older. I said proudly.
Dad: So basically he's calling you old....
Me: Well, I hadn't thought of it that way. Hangs head in shame.

Grandma on being old and having a daughter 'take care of her': I done got'a new momma. My momma died, and now I gotta new momma and this'uns worse. So bossy.

Here is just a proud moment of mine...and yes, I have an Aunt Boots.
Grandma on the phone with Aunt Boots: Well, I've lost two pounds in three days! You see, I have a grand daughter that is hypoglycemic so she has to eat healthy. I've been eating the way she eats, and I'm feeling better than I have since Weight Watchers!

But the best, was when I was talking to my Aunt and Uncle about Will and I eloping and how the whole family reacted upon receiving the news.
Me: Grandma, do you remember what you said?
Grandma: No m'am.
Me: You said, and I quote, "I'm just glad you aren't livin' in sin anymore."
Cue laughing from everyone, including Grandma.

Anyone who doesn't live near family knows that when you go home to visit you are more of a guest to entertain, than just a regular member of the family like you used to be. However, when you spend almost a month reacquainting yourself, it ends up feeling like you never left. Only now, everyone gets along, we are all grown, and we actually cherish the time together. Like the whole family going for Marc's Senior pictures...

Don't ask me how I ended up in the pictures especially since I had nappy hair that day, but for what my parents paid for these pictures, we should have had the entire family in them. I'm talking extended family. Like seriously, since when did getting senior pictures start costing more than wedding photography? Sheesh. He's lucky he's worth it, and I'm lucky he wasn't 'too cool' to take pictures with his big sis.

All the precious moments add up to a lifetime of happiness.

Monday, April 14, 2014

I Heart Ulta...And Sales

Would you believe me if I told you that I didn't step foot into an Ulta until last year? Now I'm a card carrying member, and I live by their sales. Full price? Nah, but when it's 21 Days Of Beauty or some other promotion, I'm totally in! This is why I went a little nutso two weeks ago...I also blame Shanna, "Because Shanna Said So". She told me my life would change from using some of these, and she was right.

Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo is the ONLY dry shampoo that can hold a candle to good old baby powder or corn starch. Not only does it get rid of the oil, it smells great, doesn't leave a residue, AND adds volume. VaVaVOOM!
Physician's Formula Warm Nude Palette may be my favorite eye shadow ever. Someone gave me the Classic Nude palette, which I liked, but Warm Nude is more my color. Don't ask me what that really means, because I'm really not that good at this stuff. Just trust me.
Physicians Formula Powder Palette in Healthy Glow is my go to bronzer. You don't want to overdue it with this stuff, but that's the good part. It doesn't take much and by picking and choosing the colors you use, it can be very versatile.
Maybeline Falsies Mascara has great coverage, and I can usually find it B1G1.
Wigo Brush has only been used once, but it seemed to work great considering I have no clue how to tease my hair. Why did I buy this?
Ulta Lip Liner in Rustic was $2 bucks on sale, so I now consider it amazing. I think it's only the second lip liner I've ever tried, but it was fun getting a little artsy fartsy with it.

The only product I didn't like was the Mario Badascu Face Lotion SPF 30, and it is going back. Thank goodness for their return polo]icy, because this stuff made my face and chest look like a pizza pie. What does everyone use for Protective SPF lotion? I'm tr'yna not get skin cancer, but any lotion other than Clinique's Moisturizing Gel makes my skin freak out. Seriously, why does skincare have to be so flippin' difficult?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Some People Probably Hate Me

Recently, I read Sarah's post about 32 Things I Hate More Than April 1st, and while I giggled at most of it. It got me to thinking. I know that her list was all in fun, but I see people saying they 'hate' so much stuff via social media, and since I do some of those things, they must hate me too. Do you ever feel that way?

Originally, I wanted to talk about this when I read 20 Things Your Friends Wish You Would Stop Posting On Facebook, but I wondered if I was the only one that disagreed with some of it. Let's use the following, for example:

"Holy announcement overload

Of course you can update your status when you get engaged, married or have a baby, but you don’t need to inundate your friends’ newsfeeds with photos of fabulous parties, quotes about love and anticipations about family life. There’s a fine line between sharing your good news and rubbing it in everyone’s face."
I have never once thought that someone on my Facebook, or a blogger for that matter, was trying to rub their fun life in my face. I just don't think like that. I think 'Wow...Look at so and so living it up, and embracing life!' or 'Congrats for whatever awesomeness is happening!' Maybe I'm naive, but I don't see where it's my place to read into what they are posting and why they are posting it, and it's DEFINITELY not my place to dictate what they are sharing. Who knows, maybe I'm an over-sharer...anyone reading who's an FB friend of mine...don't tell me, haha. I'd like to stay naive. Here are some things that I know I do, and I'm not a bit ashamed:

I take pictures of food.
I LOVE food. I love food I make, I love food from restaurants, I love seeing other pictures of food that people post. Yes, they should be pretty/appetizing pictures, but I'm all for them.
I love PDA (PG Rated of course)

I don't mind hashtags.
I don't ever want to have twenty per post or picture, but I think they are a neat-o idea. Especially on Instagram. I think it's fabulous I can find #fitness or #fashion inspiration so easily, and some hashtags are hilarious.
I like selfies.
Okay, so I actually don't post many selfies with just me in them, but I love sharing pictures of me with friends or family. I used to always be the one behind the camera and have years worth of pictures that are of travels or people I love, but I was never in them. I don't always want that to be the case. I love looking back at a picture that holds a special moment with myself and that Lauren. Now that she's gone, I look at these #selfies, and it still connects me to her. Don't hate on people's selfies because you don't know what they mean to that person. Just not ten a day, people.

I post baby pictures of my nieces, so just imagine if I had my own kid...
I post fitness pictures, and have even checked in at the gym!
If I feel so inclined, I will pass on inspiration.
 I will never be the kind of person that shares 10 inspirational memes or quotes a day, but I won't judge others for doing it. I just hide them from my newsfeed.

And there are even things outside of social media:
"Same Side Sitting", as Miss Venus put it.
Will and I sit across from each other 8 out of 10 times, but sometimes I just want to snuggle next to him while we wait for our food. Holding hands across the table doesn't always cut it, and yes, we are those people that hold hands 98% of the time we are near each other. It's why we have great stress management.
I'm cheap.
Sure being frugal isn't cool, and no one wants to hear that they need to quit shopping and buying lattes, but I would rather be able to provide for our future {possible} children, know that we are taken care of for retirement, and have a fat savings account in the bank, than spend money on random stuff. I have had friends that practically get mad that I don't want to do something stupid with my money or buy their {insert multi-level marketing product here}. Not saying I won't buy something every now and then, but don't 'hate' me if I don't.
I'm not politically correct.
Along with telling you that you need to quit spending money on stupid stuff if you complain to me that you have no savings, I will tell you if you have a booger, I will answer any question honestly (but kindly) even if it's not what you want to hear, and I will flat out tell you that you are wrong if I must. However, I don't judge anyone and I take into account that everyone makes mistakes, which is why people keep excepting my honest opinion {I guess}. Politically correctness is the popular thing these days, but honesty is my policy.


I hate things like child/pet abusers, pedophiles, and dirty politicians, and I don't think we should waste 'hate' on our friends for what they post on Facebook or their blog. Let's focus on celebrating the passions of others instead of bashing them. Mmmmkay? You may see a food picture as 'non-picture worthy', but the person posting it is sharing their passion with you. You don't want anyone to stifle your passions, so don't do it to them. Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate, and treat others how you would like to be treated. It's as complicated and simple as that.

Sorry for the deep post, but let's remember I'm 'sexually deprived for your freedom' right now. Gotta get my 'frustration' out somewhere!


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