Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What The Hell Pinterest?

I was simply searching for arm exercises, and the next thing I knew, I feel like I'm going to throw up. I clicked on the following pin, and couldn't believe that it led me to a side of Pinterest that I have never seen. A dirty, scary side.

I'd like to keep Pinterest pretty clean in general, but there should not be a question as to whether  media promoting Eating Disorders are allowed. Freedom of Speech, shmeedom of shmeech, that doesn't apply when it's an influential site pushing ED on easily influenced pinners, and this isn't speech, it's just pictures! Pinterest may not be 'pushing' it exactly, but they obviously aren't stopping it.

How has Pinterest allowed media pushing Eating Disorders to run so rampant? Has there been no uproar about this? I hope I'm not the only one asking these questions, and I hope that something can be done. I am a Pinterest addict just like everyone else, but it's hard to support any site that 'supports' self harm directly or indirectly.

But let's not end on the negative. I was also inspired by Colbie Caillat's video that tells us all we are beautiful just as we are. It got me to thinking that we all have insecurities, and yet we think that our insecurities set us apart. How can that be if we all have them, and why do we always focus on our negative attributes? I still don't know the answer to that, but I think we all need to quit thinking that our 'problems' set us apart, and realize that it's our talents, hopes, and dreams, that make us special. You know I'm right.

If anyone has any suggestions about how to get Pinterest to remove all the horrid images, feel free to share. For now, I just hope I don't seem crazy for getting upset about this. Please tell me I'm not crazy, even if we all know I care too much at times.

Monday, July 21, 2014

He's Home!!

I have a million, billion emotions running through my mind, and oh so much to say, but for now...We are a little 'busy'. Bowchickawowow. In case you don't follow me on Instagram, here is my new favorite photo EVER. I'm sure you can understand why.

To my very own personal superhero,
I say welcome home, lover. Let's forget about the world and lose sight of anything but each other. With you home, the house will feel whole again and I will be whole again. I don't need you to complete me, but I am grateful for the fact that you do.

Bonus, here's a recipe I came up with for the BEST croutons ever. I know, I know. You can't claim recipes are the best based on personal opinion, but once you try them you will understand. It's a magical addition to your salad.

While those are cooking, simply grill up some chicken, cut Romaine Hearts in half lengthwise, brush with olive oil mixed with the same seasonings as the croutons on the cut side, and grill the lettuce for two minutes, as well. Top with croutons, Caesar dressing, and voila! You have an incredible dinner. Just make sure you heed the 250 temperature...low and slow is the key.

Somehow, I don't have a single picture of the final product, so this was the first time we experimented with grilled lettuce. It is now my most favorite way to make a salad, and the only way we do Caesar's around here. If you think salads are boring, you need to come to my house. In love, life, and food...I don't do boring.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

While The Boys Are Away, The Girls Will Play

Helene in Between

I planned on sharing some of my favorite products today, but that just wasn't where my heart was. Maybe it's that Will is gone or perhaps I'm just feeling cheesy, but my 'Favorite' today, is the community that I've found here in Enterprise. You see, this situation we are in- a small town, tight community, hard curriculum, and unknown territory for us all- lends itself to creating a bond that I never expected. Just as our soldiers are experiencing this process of becoming Pilots, we wives are having to adjust and learn as well. I know their bonding is happening in the field, but ours is happening over arts and crafts and wine nights.

One of my 'favorite' nights was our craft night with our FRG {Family Readiness Group}. You give me chocolate and a paint brush, and I will be your best friend. If our last FRG had done so, perhaps I would have been a lot more involved *winkwink. But seriously, we have so much fun together that it should be illegal.

Flight Class 14-014

I am truly blown away by our time in Enterprise so far, and I can't wait to see what the next year or so holds for us. Only THREE more days and I get my soldier back!! He's obviously my other favorite ;) Forever and always ha has no choice.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ugh...I Feel Like A Cow!

A ChikFilA cow, that is! I have wanted to participate in #Cowappreciationday for years, and I finally got to. I ended up going all by my lonesome, but that sure wasn't going to stop me. I grabbed an old top from my donation pile, sharpie'd on spots and udders, and a cow was born. It was a little strange walking around as a cow, but it was TOTALLY worth the effort. I got a chicken wrap, side salad, and a lemonade FO'FREE.

From there, it was time to get my hair did, and that went pretty well too. {She didn't wash it, so don't judge my three-day hair.} I like this chick because I showed her pictures of what I was looking for, she was honest about how it would work on my hair, and came up with a happy medium. I know it doesn't look like we did that much, but we managed to thin it out SO much and there are a lot of layers that she snuck in to create volume when I curl it.

At that point, I was going to a Painting Party with the girls, and thought the rest of the weekend would be spent at home. Boy, was I wrong. Each night ended in the wee hours of the morning, there were BBQ's, Brunch, and the World Cup Finals, and it was all as exhausting as it sounds. I almost feel guilty about having so much fun lately, but we spouses are really supporting each other like I've never seen. Technically, Joel is not a spouse, but he most certainly gets all the perks of hanging out with all of us.

In closing, I'll tell you my favorite part of the weekend. We were at the bar on Saturday {I was totally sober as the DD}, and this guy asked me if my skirt was a skirt or shorts. Instead of just telling him it was a skirt and moving on, I whipped a safety pin out and made Steve Urkel shorts. It went over so well that people were asking to take pictures with me, and I've heard the pictures are already floating around Facebook. Good times.

Life is short, and there is nothing wrong with acting a fool.


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