Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mom Paranoia

Hi. Remember me?
I'm still me, only different.
I'm a mom, but I still don't feel right using the title. Sure, I keep a fifteen pound bundle of joy alive and well, but I always assumed moms knew everything and could handle 'it all'. As the military say... "You don't know what you don't know," but now I am well aware of a LOT of things that I didn't know. We only survived because of family, friends that are nurses (thankfully on call 24/7), and Google. Dear, sweet, Google.

That's partially why I took an unplanned blog sabbatical, and then when you throw in a PCS (military move), deciding to buy another house, a renovation, and mom paranoia I'm sure it's obvious. I guess the mom paranoia isn't necessarily obvious, but that's where I am stuck. I've always felt a freedom in sharing our life story, and even when we were told to censor ourselves because of terrorists I felt compelled to continue on living our normal life and blogging about it. Now, however, I have become very protective over Miss Charlie and her online presence. It's the real reason that I stopped blogging, and went so far as to start a private Instagram account. I know it's completely normal to share our kiddos over social media since I've been enjoying other peoples children online for years, but for some reason I've been very reserved. I figured it was better to err on the side of caution than to regret it later, so I've been waiting to see if the feeling passes. Unfortunately, it's only gotten stronger.

She's been the center of our world for almost three hundred days, and I don't even think I've posted that many pictures via Facebook and Instagram combined in nine months. But don't worry, I've probably taken 9,000 PLUS for our own enjoyment, haha. In the end, I guess that's all that matters. She is a perfectly healthy and happy baby that has turned our world upside down, and she has most definitely become my favorite photo subject. Will is still a close second (don't tell him I said that), but I just can't help documenting every adorable thing she does.

So am I crazy? Am I just being paranoid? Please tell me this is just a phase, because I think I'm ready to start blogging again. I have soooooo much to tell you all, and I need to catch up on all of your lives too! I think of you all often, and I hope I haven't missed anything too important. Let me know if I have and send me links for fun stuff I missed.


Jenn said...

I dont think you're being crazy at all. In a world where people steal photos and catfish others, you're being smart to be careful. I know several people in blog land who chose not to show their kids' faces for that reason. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. You're Charlie's mom and you know what's best for her and your family!

Nikki said...

Girl you are not crazy at all! I am super specific about what I share about #babybigtruck. I only post photos of her if someone is in the photo with her and I ALWAYS watermark my photos right through her face. I have NEVER once shared her name on the blog nor will I either. You are being smart and you are being a mama bear and there is NOTHING wrong with that at all! Do you mama! I hope to see you more with that said!

P!nky said...

FIRST OF ALL,hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friend!!!! Missed you and love you lots.

I 100% agree with on this. I think it's scary to put kids faces [at any age] out there without some kind of water mark. My husband has said when we have kids he doesn't want names or many pictures shared if I'm still blogging. You do you and that's all that matters.

Jen Mc said...

HELLO!!!! I've missed you. BUT I'm so glad you're keeping in tune with life (much more important). I can't wait to catch up with you.

Lynn | Motherhood in Motion said...

Oh how I missed you, but have loved seeing C via facebook. Girl do your thing and come back to blogging when it feels right to you.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Hey girl! I'm glad you've been enjoying your little lady love.

If you don't want her online, don't put her online. My niece is not allowed to be shown on social media. I still talk about her, I just don't show her beautiful face!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

Miss your posts-and I enjoy seeing pics of you on your new Instagram. Thank you so much for allowing me to follow along. Love this pic and love that you are protective of your child being on the internet. Not enough people are. Go with your gut and if you are not comfortable, then don't do it. That being said, this pic is a perfect example of things you could share without compromising her. I can't see her face that well and you are with her. I think being a mom does take over your life (so I've heard), but if blogging is something you miss and want to continue consider keeping you and hubby the focus of your blog and sharing only minimal info about baby. You don't have to blog in detail about breastfeeding, potty training or her poop just because you are a mom. : )

Mandie said...

Girl, I have missed you! I'm glad to hear that you are doing well & that Miss Charlie is bring such joy into your lives. I would love to hear/see more of her but it's a scary world out there & you have to do what you are comfortable with. Hope to hear something from you soon. Enjoy your lil lady! :)

Jen said...

You are not being crazy at all!!!! I understand completely.

Amanda said...

Totally understand where you are coming from. I never personally had the feeling though. My life is such an open book on the internet between blogging and Facebook that I would feel guilty keeping it to myself. Plus so much of our family follows our adventures through the ole blog, so for that I will keep sharing.

Alana Livingston said...

I have missed you soooo much and have thought about you often! So glad to hear that you are all doing well! I don't blame you for not wanting to share pictures of her but I think I speak for all of us when I say that we still want updates on all of you!

Kait said...

I've missed you in the blogging world! I don't think you're being crazy at all! So many people have so many opinions, but ultimately, you need to do what you think is best for you :)

Brittany said...

Happy to see a post from you!! Glad everything has been going great :) I think it's completely understandable to want to keep her to yourself :)

Emily @ Martinis | Bikinis said...

That's smart! It's definitely better to be safe than sorry especially to protect your baby girl. Good to hear things are going well despite the mom paranoia and the unforeseen life changes. I'm sure you are an amazing mom! Google and all!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

My motto's always been "better to be safe than sorry later". You have to do what feels right for you and your little family. Live your life for you and do what your heart is telling you. Although I will say I've completely missed you posts, I do understand the reasoning. I hope your doing well and I look forward to catching up on your journey sooner than later!!!! <3

Helene in Between said...

You have to do what works for you and sounds like you are really enjoying life together! I adore that picture of you two!

Rach said...

I have SO missed your posts, sweet friend! But of course I get why you disappeared. And I understand if you need to stay away from blogging as well. But I'd love it if you found a happy medium where you were able to blog and share some details, but not everything. I know a lot of people don't put pictures of their kids faces on the internet or they put a watermark through the photo. But trust your momma instincts! Do what feels right!

Nicole said...

I have it too... more often than not. I put a watermark on her face usually for that reason. I always wonder if it would be different if I had a boy versus having a girl. I think that school has me contemplating some of that because of things they've made us study with this Masters in English degree and feminism movement learning.....

shorty50009 said...

I am also protective about posting pictures of my children!!!! You can never be too careful as far as protecting them! But I have TOTALLY missed your blog! I'm glad everything is well and I hope to see your blogs start popping up again soon! Even if they don't include precious pics of the little miss. :)

Unknown said...

I was so glad to see you posted something, I miss your blog! I also completely understand being safe. I think only you will know when you're
comfortable to start blogging again and with much information you want to provide. Whenever you are ready there will be many of us waiting :)

Jess said...

It is SO hard to get back into the blogging groove with kids, as well as coming up with fresh content... there's just so much going on and our mommy brains are always going a hundred miles a minute! I'm just now trying to get back to giving this Blogging thing a try again.... we'll see! I just LOVE this picture of you too! So adorbs!

Unknown said...

I don't think it's crazy! I'm so glad to hear from you and congrats!! As much as I wish you blogged more regularly, I know Miss Charlie is very well protected. This is a super cute picture! Love iT!

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