Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Twitter Me This...

I can't believe I did this...I joined twitter.  Egad.

I know that all of you lovely bloggers already have twitter and are probably thinking "What took you so long?", but I have NEVER understood what makes it so appealing.  I have asked many, and even they couldn't explain it.  Yes, I have heard that it's good for saving money through sales and promos and I have heard over and over, that you need it to connect to other bloggers, but it's just 140 characters a much impact can that really make?

I did, however, realize that until I try it for myself- I cannot judge.  Thus, after being told that if I want to take my blog to the next level that I MUST try it, I succumbed and am giving it a shot.

I.Feel.Dirty. #notgonnalie

As a matter of fact-
My FB status now says:
"Can someone punch me in the face? I think I just joined twitter..."

And this is evidence of my first tweet:

Please, please, PLEASE go follow me, so that I don't feel like the biggest loser ever...I promise I will be as witty and/or funny as possible...Oh and follow me on Bloglovin' while you are at it.  I actually like that site.

PS. I am  NOT promising that this will last.  I reserve the right to decide after a trial run...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back To Reality

   My hubby even loves me when I'm goofy :) >>>>>

How was every one's Monday? Wait. Don't answer that.  I'm right there with you.

I am simply thankful that life is back to normal in that Will is HOME.  Not happy that our romantical weekend is over, but I will reminisce for a while and just enjoy his presence in our home.  I haven't had time to go through all of the lovely pichurs (that's southern for pictures f.y.i.) from this weekend, so I'll just share a few ;)

ChocoMint Cupcakes 

  And last, but certainly not least...

   ~The GORGEOUS Resort we stayed at~

Which leads into even more exciting news:
#1-I will be receiving a draft of my new Blog Design this week, and I.Can't.Wait.
#2-I have been in touch with my partner for the Ornament Swap and will be working on that!
#3- I will be hosting my first giveaway VERY SOON featuring a very special and talented young woman to be unveiled.
#4-My Blog will be turning ONE in December.(Hence the new design and the giveaway) #proudmama

Big things, people, BIG THINGS.
All I can say is thanks for being here to enjoy this with me.

I'll leave you with some Bagels and Lox for breakfast...Enjoy!

(Dani- This is mainly for you!)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Biggest Comeback in Ravens History!

Why yes. I am still recapping Baltimore.  Thanks for noticing ;)  There is just so much going on it's hard to keep up/catch you all up!  As a matter of fact this weekend is going to take me months to catch you up on...but it will be worth it!

So now I'll show you some shots from my FIRST pro-football game.  It was Cardinals v. Baltimore and it wasn't lookin' good...until Ravens CAME BACK for the biggest come back in their HISTORY!

Good thing purple is one of my fave colors and I think that we rocked our fan gear well!  

Ps. I just want to plug the beautiful people in this post (Well, not the drunk/passed out guy-I don't know him)...They are all successful, single and GORGEOUS!  Baltimore-apply through me ;)

Well y'all have a wonderful weekend!  I'm off to spoil my soldier <3

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

 Wanna know what I'm thankful for this year?  That I got this guy back!!

That's right, folks! The hubs is home after a whole month in Louisiana!  I can't even explain how incredible it is to have him home...when I awoke Wednesday morning, I could FEEL him in the house.  He also came in to see me at work yesterday, which he usually doesn't do, and I bounced around like a kid in a candy shop.  I am thankful that we get to spend this holiday together and celebrate that we have been in Colorado for an official year.  Perhaps what I am most thankful for in this ENTIRE world, is that we have made it through a year and a half of marriage and we couldn't be happier.  I feel so blessed to have found the love of my life, and that we cherish our relationship and respect each other, which shows me that our love is truly once in a lifetime <3

Other things that I give thanks for:
I am thankful for Weiser, our .5 children. have this day off. (Work is closed-they had no choice ;) have been able to plan a surprise for Will this coming weekend! (I would let you in on the secret, but he sometimes visits the blog and that would give away the surprise).
 ...that my husband sees my stubbornness and unwillingness to quit as "tenacity".
 ...that we are good with budgeting.
...that my husband likes to travel almost as much as I do.
 ...that due to budgeting we can afford to travel.
...for morning coffee.
...and obviously- for the opportunity to blog and the support that y'all give me!

Here are SOME of our AMAZING family and friends that I am thankful for, without whom, we would not have the support to get through Will's military career and living so far from home.


Now I must go off and enjoy my holiday, as I am sure you are all doing!  Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day, and I will leave you with something to think about on this day of thanks:

"I'm thankful to live in the USA! If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep then you are in the top 25% of the world's population! If you also have money in the bank, your wallet, and some spare change then you are in the top 8% of the world's population! We are so spoiled and sheltered, worrying about the top 1% of this country when everyone reading this is most likely in the top 8% in the world!"

We are ALL so blessed in so many ways.  We just have to take the time to see it....


Monday, November 21, 2011

A First "Blate"

The time has come to recount my Blate with Ashley from wonderlustme or shall I introduce you as Pandora? ;)

By the way Ash, That's ^ my favorite photo of you :)

I happened to have met this lovely and intriguing young woman this past year, and we have lately been growing as blog friends, which led us to a Blate.  Simple progression, right?  So simple that we should have thought about it a while ago....Alas, all is not loss for we have embraced our "Blating" status and can't wait for more!

Not only did we plan on some fabulous activities, we stumbled upon even greater adventures and bonded over deep and insightful conversation.  I feel that she is an old soul like myself, which is evident in our choice of Craft Fairs, exploring and afternoon tea.  We both have a passion for travel and exploration, so we are beginning our journey in Colorado, and who knows after that...There is no limit in our eyes <3

Sand Creek Craft Fair

Our friend Chelsey and her mom like to set up a table every week, and this is the first time that Ashley and I were able to go check it out.  Glad we did, because this fair was awesome!

 Then on to Downtown. 
 I'm always in awe of the urban scene on a background of Mountains....

Ashley then reminded me of this adorable lil' Tea House, that I never thought to go because it's not up the hubby's alley. However, it was the   perfect setting for our first "Blate".

A bit of shopping was also done, but we decided that we will have to set up another Blate for that, as the stores in Old Colorado city are far too fascinating to enjoy in what time we had left.

Needless to say, It was love at first Blate. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

AMA's 2011

I don't usually feel the need to post about Celebrities and such, but I am intrigued by this years AMA's and I'll tell ya why- 
(Don't fret, I'll be brief!)

I always forget how young T.Swift is, and at 21 it's crazy that this is her second time taking "Artist of the Year".

I was waiting for lil' Sophia Grace to pop out, and was quite disappointed that she made no appearance during Nicki Minage...Fail.  They had them on the red carpet. Why not throw 'em on stage?

I will never buy a Christmas album that uses the word "Shawty" in the song. # nobieberfeverhere

I thought we disowned Chris Brown a long time ago.  Good thing Rihanna beat him for the award! Is "beat" the wrong word to use here? Too soon?

Maybe you shouldn't wear a dress/shoe combination that you can't walk in. She had to be escorted and STILL almost fell.

One of my fave performances was Kelly Clarkson. She jazzed up her song, sang incredibly and rocked her curves with a fierceness...It wasn't all smoke and mirrors and was truly entertaining.  I must say, Enrique was a close second, though.  Good song and I happen to be a sucker for chorale groups AND music montages.

If you ever wondered whether J.Lo was actually talented- Tonight that question was answered....Talented and BANGIN'.  In the words of my Gay cousin, "That's how 40 does fabulous!"

When they were trying to decide whether Marc Anthony and J.Lo were going to perform in the same night, I can just imagine Pitbull saying "Y'all, I got love for you both- and I'm not choosing between my two hit songs- you are just gonna both have to perform.  I need the publicity."

I would comment on Ms. Aguilera, but all the social media has taken care of that one...

And finally, the Finale`.  It just so happens that my BFF was JUST hanging out with LMFAO this week in D.C.  No, this has nothing to do with me, but I'm going to live vicariously through her and brag ;)

I'll be posting about my Blate tomorrow, so don't be late for the Blate!

Weekend Check-In

I have been working, preparing for Will's return and had my FIRST Blog DATE today!

I cannot WAIT to tell you all about it and share the lovely afternoon we had in this fine city.  Alas, it is past my bed time and I want to jazz up some more of the pictures for your pictorial pleasure.  For the time being- go check out Ashley's Blog and enjoy her incredible literary skills! #girlsgottalent

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jimmy Choo and Louis V. are Looking for New Homes

My babies are gettin' put up for adoption!

I had my fun with these lovely pieces and feel the need to pass them along.  With us moving every couple of years, I don't want these getting tossed around and having to pack them up every time.  They aren't made for that kind of life...sigh...


Each were over $700 after tax, and I will sell them to YOU for discounted rates ;)


Adoption fees:
Jimmy's- $300
They have only been warn a handful of times, but do have a little wear and tear so I am offering them at an EXTREMELY reasonable price.  Every woman should have an affair
 with Mr. Choo at least once in their life <3

Louis- $500
I'm honestly ok with not parting from my dear Louis, so I'm not letting him go without some good $incentive$.    This bag is in perfect condition/barely used for fear of tarnish, so you will be getting a practically brand new Louis Vuitton for over $200 LESS than retail.  


I'm offering this to my lovely bloggers and friends first before I open it to the masses, so if your interested- holla' BEFORE they go on Ebay.  If anyone is interested in both of my babies we can probably work out an even better deal, since I'd rather my boys not be separated.

Monday, November 14, 2011

It Ain't All Rainbows

Obviously, I'm having a rough night.  As I have mentioned, Will is in Fort Polk, LA.  We had communication issues last time due to Verizon's lack of service in the area, but somehow we made do.  This time we are able to communicate even LESS, and we are both getting extremely frustrated.  We have all this technology-none of which is working.
I miss him so much it hurts and when we were snapping at each other it only made things worse.  He was trying to make things better, but he came off condescending, and thus the convo was officially dead.  His internet time was over and problem was left unsolved.  My heart was left aching. Or so I thought...

Luckily, I married Prince Charming and he came to my rescue.  He managed to sneak back to the computer lab and sent me a wonderful message telling me that he didn't want me to go to bed upset, and commenting on how funny it is that we get in tiffs about things such as this, i.e. Our fight that one time over who loved the other more.  #trueloveproblems

We have every right to be frustrated and vent our frustrations. We simply have to remember that we can't let those feelings cause more damage than they are worth.  I am happy that we vented and have moved on.  Now I can sleep and dream of my Prince Charming.

Good Night Lovelies...Sweet Dreams.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Didya Watch 20/20?

If you tuned in to 20/20: Caught in the Act, then you saw yours truly ;)

Maybe, if you show me some love, I will share some pictures and footage...Although, I'll probably show you regardless, so somebody please make my day and act like you're excited. #notbeggingoranything

I would also like to mention my foodventions today!
 Have no idea where they came from, because I wasn't feeling particularly adventurous...just hungry.

#1- Fried ham (Sounds unhealthy, but really it's just cooked, crispy and wonderful), steamed spinach, smoked Gouda and chipotle mayo melted in a whole wheat pita.  It was a perfect start to the day.

#2- I was dividing and freezing some chicken, so I threw a few pieces into my favorite wok along with some Basil Steamfresh Veggies, olive oil, garlic, pepper and crushed red pepper to cook while I worked.  Before consuming, I tossed in a bit of Parmesan and dipped in marinara...Hello simple-yet-amazing dinner.

#3- I was watching a Christmas movie and felt a craving for a warm, creamy beverage.  I started with Almond milk but only had half a cup, so I added some Soy Nog before I popped it in the microwave.  After a mere two minutes and half a pack of Swiss Miss, my bliss points were VERY satisfied.

I wish that I had documented ANY of this with my camera, but I wasn't planning on making anything special today and wasn't prepared to document the amazing-ness.  Plus I woofed it all down too quick for pics. #sonotsorry


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