Sunday, November 20, 2011

AMA's 2011

I don't usually feel the need to post about Celebrities and such, but I am intrigued by this years AMA's and I'll tell ya why- 
(Don't fret, I'll be brief!)

I always forget how young T.Swift is, and at 21 it's crazy that this is her second time taking "Artist of the Year".

I was waiting for lil' Sophia Grace to pop out, and was quite disappointed that she made no appearance during Nicki Minage...Fail.  They had them on the red carpet. Why not throw 'em on stage?

I will never buy a Christmas album that uses the word "Shawty" in the song. # nobieberfeverhere

I thought we disowned Chris Brown a long time ago.  Good thing Rihanna beat him for the award! Is "beat" the wrong word to use here? Too soon?

Maybe you shouldn't wear a dress/shoe combination that you can't walk in. She had to be escorted and STILL almost fell.

One of my fave performances was Kelly Clarkson. She jazzed up her song, sang incredibly and rocked her curves with a fierceness...It wasn't all smoke and mirrors and was truly entertaining.  I must say, Enrique was a close second, though.  Good song and I happen to be a sucker for chorale groups AND music montages.

If you ever wondered whether J.Lo was actually talented- Tonight that question was answered....Talented and BANGIN'.  In the words of my Gay cousin, "That's how 40 does fabulous!"

When they were trying to decide whether Marc Anthony and J.Lo were going to perform in the same night, I can just imagine Pitbull saying "Y'all, I got love for you both- and I'm not choosing between my two hit songs- you are just gonna both have to perform.  I need the publicity."

I would comment on Ms. Aguilera, but all the social media has taken care of that one...

And finally, the Finale`.  It just so happens that my BFF was JUST hanging out with LMFAO this week in D.C.  No, this has nothing to do with me, but I'm going to live vicariously through her and brag ;)

I'll be posting about my Blate tomorrow, so don't be late for the Blate!

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Married...with a Pup said...

I totally missed the AMAs, but I heard about the crazy outfits (er, Miss XTina). I absolutely love Kelly Clarkson, so I'm glad she rocked it!


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