Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween+Baltimore=My 26th Birthday

A few months ago, Dani and I batted around ideas for Halloween costumes and we both decided that we wanted to rock some pumpkin costumes.  We always get pretty creative with the costumes, so we got to working and this is what we came up with for the four of us.

Back: (My favorite part)

Front: How cute are the headbands?

Since I was the only one not single, I got stuck with the large shirt (fair enough), which made it a bit difficult to still look cute and thus my scarf was turned into a belt.  It worked, but if you changed the outfit to black and white- I'm pretty sure I could pull off a pirate.  #nextyear

Dani and her awesome roommates!  They were the Ambiguously Gay Duo and they rocked it!

Gold Digger, Top Gun and the Hippie:

Our cops who I dubbed our body guards for the evening:

We finally ventured out and went to a cute little house party, and then bar hopped in an area called Fed Hill.  All the bars were cool and just what you would expect of Baltimore, which ended up being boring to me.  I don't like being jostled around, not being able to hear myself think, can't get a drink and can't see because it's so dark.  Luckily, someone decided we needed to stop at this bar called "Nevins" to get some cheap drinks.  It was only meant to be a quick stop, but instead we turned the lamest bar in Baltimore into the PARTY!

Even Jesus likes Karaoke:

Yes, this is me in a cop car and no I didn't get arrested.  However, we did get a ride home!:

That was all Saturday night, which was the best night to go out and a wonderful time to celebrate my birthday, but Monday was lovely as well.  The best part?  I woke up to this hand drawn Birthday card from my hubby.

I'm pretty sure my Birthday this year was a success ;)

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Married...with a Pup said...

LOL, I love your comment about getting stuck with the large shirt. Sounds like my friends too, haha!! Sounds like a super fun weekend and also a success when you can get a ride home in a cop car!


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