Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Twitter Me This...

I can't believe I did this...I joined twitter.  Egad.

I know that all of you lovely bloggers already have twitter and are probably thinking "What took you so long?", but I have NEVER understood what makes it so appealing.  I have asked many, and even they couldn't explain it.  Yes, I have heard that it's good for saving money through sales and promos and I have heard over and over, that you need it to connect to other bloggers, but it's just 140 characters a much impact can that really make?

I did, however, realize that until I try it for myself- I cannot judge.  Thus, after being told that if I want to take my blog to the next level that I MUST try it, I succumbed and am giving it a shot.

I.Feel.Dirty. #notgonnalie

As a matter of fact-
My FB status now says:
"Can someone punch me in the face? I think I just joined twitter..."

And this is evidence of my first tweet:

Please, please, PLEASE go follow me, so that I don't feel like the biggest loser ever...I promise I will be as witty and/or funny as possible...Oh and follow me on Bloglovin' while you are at it.  I actually like that site.

PS. I am  NOT promising that this will last.  I reserve the right to decide after a trial run...

1 comment:

Nikskie said...

i'm not a twitter person too. i don't tweet :p


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