Thursday, December 1, 2011

A lil' Behind on Spring Cleaning...

(er...well almost afternoon)

I'm pretty sure that we are ALL happy that it's Friday, but I am particularly chipper due to an unexpected day off with my soldier!  It couldn't have come at a better time, as yesterday I was a bit of a basket case off.  I'm pretty sure that had to do with the fact that I had a dentist appointment in the morning, tried (and failed) to clean the house around all of the Army gear EVERYWHERE and THEN had to go to the court for my felony (visit > here to get the dish ;)

That's a lot of negative energy for one day.  I actually don't think I would have made it, but I managed to make a wonderful charitable donation and Will took extra good care of me.  Now normally the thought of giving stuff away doesn't even cross my mind, and my grandmother even called me a hoarder in my past life... but hear me out. My problem is that I can see the value and future use in anything, so it is hard for me to part with something that I know I will need as soon as it's gone.  Luckily, all of the military moves we will make in the future have begun to change my priorities. I now realize that "material" things are more cumbersome than worthy and that there are others less fortunate that will find more use of my "things" than I will. Yesterday I began a Spring "Fall cleaning" and managed to fill the back of the truck with donations.  I visited a place called "God's Pantry" where they provide solely to people in need. It felt really good to pass along my treasures and know that it's going to people that are truly deserving.  I also didn't realize how cleansing it truly is to rid our house of unnecessary clutter (and to hide all the Army gear).  Happy to now have a clean house and a lighter heart!

That brings us to today.  Now that I can maneuver around my house and actually get to my Christmas decorations- I will FINALLY get to decorate for Christmas!  I can't believe that it's two days into December and all I have up is three little sad.  Good News is: Will and I are going to have fun relaxing and getting in the spirit!

Get your weekend started right y'all!  Enjoy yourselves!

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