Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas EVE!

I can't BELIEVE that it's Christmas Eve!  It's bittersweet because I'm happy it's here, but unhappy that I hear it's not socially acceptable to celebrate anymore after tomorrow :(  Is anyone with me on that?  Anyone else listen to Christmas music year around?

Not to rub it in or anything, but we are off to hit the slopes on this fine Christmas Eve day.  We are taking full advantage of the blizzards snow we have gotten this week, and are off to Loveland, Co.!

*Just for the day, by the way, and we have two dogs and a house sitter, so you creepers out there- don't get any ideas! ;)


just breathtaking...

Well have a very Merry Christmas Eve y'all!


Sarah said...

first, can I say that I'm loving your new design?! and second, I hope you and the mister have a wonderful time skiing today.

Merry Christmas twin ;)

Zara said...

I wish I had seen this earlier.
We were up at Keystone, only about 20 minutes away for Friday and Saturday! We should get up there together one of these weekends. :-)

The Hanlon's said...

Im so jealous that you were able to get to the snow on Christmas. I have two beautiful baby boys and I would love nothing more than for my husband and I to spend Christmas with our families in the snow! So glad I found your blog! Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Tiffany Rebecca said...

y'all are super cute!!


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