Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Someone is Turning The Big 2-1!

Would you like to guess who this person is?  Here are some hints:

She was one of my Bridesmaids...


Sometimes, it's a love/hate relationship...

And we have known each other a very long time...

As in- SINCE SHE WAS BORN because she is my cray-cray precious BABY SISTER!
In honor of her- I will dedicate my "Sometimes & Always" to the Birthday girl <3

Sometimes: When we were kids, I wanted to ditch "the baby" and play with my friends.
Always: My friends thought she was so darn cute that they WANTED me to bring her along.

Sometimes: She used to wake me up when I was trying to sleep in, and I would lock her out.
Always: Now that I look back, I miss the times when I would let her in and we would snuggle.

Sometimes: She used to bug me for rides or to "come along".
Always: We had a blast when I gave in and took her with me. Evidence below...

Sometimes: We fight.
Always: We make up like it never happened.

Sometimes: She used to "borrow" my things without asking.
Always: I never saw them again. Probably the cause of 99% of our fights...

Sometimes: She would actually ask me to borrow things and help her get ready.
Always:  I didn't mind playing dress up with her, and loved doing her makeup and such.  
(Plus then I knew EXACTLY what she was "borrowing" and get it back ;)

Sometimes: She makes decisions that baffle me.
Always: She comes out on top and I am very proud of her.

Sometimes: We don't always talk as much as we should.
Always: We both know that we are only a phone call away!

Happy Birthday BeBe Sister.  You deserve a WONDERFUL Day and I hope you have TONS of fun!  Just be careful, cuz I'm no dummy and I know what you will be doing on your 21st ;)  
I love you more than I could ever put in to words, so I'll just say- Thank you for being you.


Manda said...

Great post! Happy Birthday to your sister!!

Sarah said...

Aww love this post! Aren't sisters the best? Happy Birthday to yours!!! :)

Married...with a Pup said...

Aww Happy Birthday to your sister!

Alyssa said...

What a sweet post! And Happy Birthday to your sister!

Mackeys Moments said...

what a lovely post! such a fun blog! new follower! merry christmas! and happy bday to your sis!

P!nky said...

Awwwww what a sweet sweet post! :) Sisters are the greatest thing in the world...it just sometimes takes us a LONG time to realize it. ;)

Megan said...

Awww, this is such a cute post! I love that you dedicated it to her! Happy late birthday to her!!

Merry Christmas!!

PS: I love your new blog look!!


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