Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sometimes And Always #2

Sometimes: I thought "Sometimes and Always" was on Wednesday.
Always: "Sometimes and Always" is on Tuesdays.
(I blame this on the fact that I'm feeling a bit under the weather)

Sometimes: I eat pizza and chocolate covered pretzels when I'm sick.
Always: I usually eat overly healthy, so I will be kicking myself tomorrow.

Sometimes: I want to have one of those super-chic hairstyles.
Always:  The thought of keeping up with those super-chic hairstyles is not appealing whatsoever.

Sometimes: I want to be a stay at home mom if we have kids.
Always: I like bringin' home the bacon.
(Although Will says that he brings home the bacon and I bring the gravy ;)

Sometimes: I think that if I was a S.A.H.M, I could manage a super chic hairstyle.
Always: I realize that managing kids would probably prohibit time to style. or shower.

Sometimes: I feel like I already have a child.
Always: I have a twenty-six year old toddler.

Sometimes: I am excited for the holidays.
Always: I am excited for the holidays. 
(Totally did ^ that on purpose.)

I'm gonna go hibernate now...gotta work the next three long days, so I need my rest :(
Love y'all!

Two more days to enter the GIVEAWAY!!


Megan said...

Hahaha, the first one made me laugh out loud!! You are hilarious!! I want to be a SAHM mom, too! But it really will be weird to not have a paycheck!

Megan said...

And thanks for linking up with me again!!

Holly said...

LOL at the 26 year old toddler! :P

Laura said...

Love the Sometimes and Always link-ups!

I can relate, I have a 28 year old toddler, and a real 14 month old toddler, but honestly, the 28 year old is much more work!



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