Friday, December 23, 2011

Target Practice

As you can see the new design is officially up!  We are in the process of fine tuning it and working out any kinks that might come up, but fear not! I will not let this interrupt your regularly scheduled programming ;)

You know what's one of my favorite parts of the redesign?  That you can actually SEE the pictures.


vs. THIS

Mucho Better-o!  

As you may know, we reside in Colorado as of now, and one of the many popular outdoor activities is shootin'.  Whether it be hunting for game or simply target practice, every man (and many women) must own a sweet gun.  We got one back in September, so we like to play too ;)

We drive up into the mountains, find a good spot and set up whatever targets the boys decide to use. This particular day we brought pumpkins and clay pigeons, but every now and then they get really creative; like the time they filled a Spongebob pinata with ketchup...just picture it. Take your time....

My friend Jami and I braved the 13 degree temperatures to go with them -until our toes froze that is- so pretty much all we were good for was making them sandwiches every time they were hungry.  They gave us crap when we packed food to head up there, saying that they didn't "need" food, and yet they came back for sandwiches ALL day!  Men...

Probably the funniest part of this day, was as I was carrying a yummy batch of Jami's famous green chili, I tripped UP the mountain (no kidding), busted my knee, dropped EVERYTHING I was carrying- but managed to SAVE THE CHILI!!  If only we had it on video I would be a Youtube sensation!

Well, I'm off to my last day of work before the holidays, so wish me luck MONEY MAKING!  Hope all your Christmas shopping is done!


MissMonDiva said...

LOL.. Janna, you're so cute! Glad you were able to save the green chili! Hope your knee isn't too badly injured.

P.S. I love your new blog design! Kudos!

ashlyn said...

love your new blog design, super cute!
& i love your blog!
so happy i found ya!

hope you have a lovely holiday!


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