Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today I would like to share with you the final installment of the Baltimore Birthday trip, and what I see as the essence of this great and historic town.  I dedicated a post a while back to many interesting facts of Baltimore, and you will find them evidenced here. 

The architecture and romance of the city was definitely what made me fall in love.

Great shopping at bargain basements, thrift stores, vintage shops and I even found some amazing stuff at Goodwill!

Little hot spots around every corner- all full of character:

The Harbor is a MUST for a day trip of exploring:
(Yes, I was wearing a crown! It was my birthday!)

But Baltimore isn't just about city life.  We ventured into the country side and it was breath-taking.  Especially in the fall, where you find fire in the trees.

And of course, no vacation is complete without visiting at least one new restaurant...
I'm not the biggest Guy Fieri fan, BUT this place did kick butt.  It was such a fun atmosphere and totally worth a special trip.  There are so many amazing places in Baltimore, so I can't WAIT to go back and try more of the reccomendations that I got!

Hint, hint: We (as in Will too) may be heading that direction in February!!
Next time I will have a camera other than just my iPhone ;)


Erin said...

Never been to Baltimore! The architecture and land is awesome! :)

Courtney B said...

Baltimore is gorgeous! I HAVE to visit someday.
And wearing a crown on your birthday? Genius! My birthday is in January and I just might be stealing this idea...

Sarah said...

Baltimore is just 3 hours from me....just sayin ;)

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I love all your pictures! And, I LOVE Baltimore! Such a great city!



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