Friday, November 4, 2011

Photos From The Cook Wedding, Part 1

'Member when I was in Pensacola a few weeks ago for Carmela and Zach's Re-wedding?  Well, I have finally caught up and finished the pictures!  I can't wait for Zach and Carmela to see them!

I have worked all week on these, so I will display a few for you ;)

Right after this, the old lady took the child by the hand and said "Ok, let's go to the next reception and see what they have to eat."  They then sauntered off to the next reception and I was so shocked that I couldn't even stop them...

Yep. That would be my husband and my dad....Is that still a Bromance?

I was only going to dedicate one post to the wedding, but there are TOO MANY good ones!  Part 2 is going  to showcase the After Parties, so it's a riot....

Happy Friday, Y'all!

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