Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Groupon Deal for the Holidays!

I was just about to stop procrastinating and order our Christmas cards and luckily, I checked my email to find the MOST perfect Groupon! 

Basically, I just got 40 AMAZING cards and envelopes for less than $30!!!  I probably should have got the next Groupon up and then I wouldn't have gone over, but I still came out on top and got the most perfect cards!

 Click HERE to find the BEST deal on Christmas Cards!  What's even better-  They are offering FREE SHIPPING if you use the code: SHIP20 before November 7th.  

(And no, I'm not getting anything from them- I just want to share the love!)

P.s. My puppy is under the weather, so keep him in your thoughts :(  I'll fill you in soon, and hopefully will have good news on his condition.

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