Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Morning Sunday! Good to see you as always :)

It's a beautiful (cold) morning in Colorado!  Will is piddling around and I am watching Christmas movies, drinking my coffee and obviously playing on the internet.  This is pretty much how every morning starts around our house, cuz we like to start our day off right!  It's amazing how some peaceful, relaxing time in the morning really sets the tone for the rest of the day.  It has been a pretty eventful couple of days, so I REALLY need this relaxation :)

Thursday-I got a new truck to replace my lease that is up in February, Friday-we rushed around getting ready for our new dog while I got ready for two photoshoots on Saturday and while I was freezing my buns off at Red Rock yesterday- Lord Weisenheimer the Weimaraner was delivered!

 <3 It's amazing how he makes us feel even more like a little family <3

So far: he doesn't bark, he doesn't get scared, he loves to be around us, he's potty trained and an absolutely gorgeous three year-old Weimaraner mix.  Don't ask me what he's mixed with, cuz I have no clue lol.  He has some grey of the Weim., but also has the coloring of a rotty, sheopard or doberman and also the bowed stance of a doberman or pitbull.  This lil 58 lb. guy is nothing but pure muscle, so I'm leaning toward Dobie or pit.  Regardless, I am so happy that we got to rescue this lil tyke <3 It's so fullfilling to save an animal versus spending an exhorbitant amount on a dog that doesn't "need" you.
Well, I'm gonna finish my relaxtion and then go play with the new pup a.k.a. Weiser!! 

Have a GREAT Sunday everyone!! xo

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