Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Perfect Christmas!

finished product and our lil fam for our first Christmas photo!

This year was a lot of firsts for us..First year as a married couple, first time we both lived away from home, first house together, first time living in Colorado, first pet together and first time away from family and friends for Christmas.  But you know what? It couldn't have gone any better!

We decorated together:

Time to decorate for Christmas!!

Creating a wonderful scene of peace and beauty in our sweet lil' living room:


We ended up with amazing heartfelt and wonderful gifts from our family and for eachother:
(Including my sweet mirror/jewelry box that Will HAND-CARVED my name into!)

YAY!! How cool is my mirror! it's a jewelry box as well and Will carved my name in it by hand!!

Aaaaand I just wanna point out that I made that wreath myself ;)

my first attempt at making a wreath!

One of the best parts was that we surprised our families with Skype sessions!  I had my little brother set it up on the family computer and then had him bring them in on the morning of Christmas and surprise! There we were on screen!  My parents are pretty savvy, but they hadn't experienced anything like this yet.  My dad said he couldn't believe we could talk through video on the internet since he still remembers having to use rotary dial phones!  Will's dad got a kick out of it as well.  He has used skype before, but I'm sure some "face to face" contact with his only son was pretty special on Christmas. It meant a lot to us as well.  It almost felt like we were there <3

The rest of the day we baked a ham and pumpkin pie, watched Christmas movies, curled up for afternoon naps, found homes for all of our presents and even had a few friends over.  All in all, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect "first Christmas together", which my parents just happened to send us on an ornament to commemorate! Memories Forever.....


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