Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Planning for New Years!

T-Minus 3 days until it is 2011!

Luckily, the dawn of the new year falls on a weekend, so I DO NOT have to work!  But-what to do?  We don't know anyone, so don't have anyone to ring in the new year with, we don't feel like going to one of those "packaged deals" where you pay a ton of $$ to get drunk and over eat with a bunch of strangers and we definately do not want to be driving around on "amateur night".  Guess that leaves me with planning a wonderful night at home with the love of my life!  A fun and romantic evening in our cozy little home, with our new little puppy, home made goodies and champagne for $12 vs. $200 sounds absolutely perfect to ME!

I decided it would be fun to research and incorporate traditions from around the world to not only learn about, but more importantly, to find out what traditions will become our own in the future ;)
 It has actually been really neat to compare the traditions.  All are similiar in intentions, which are "out with the old, in with the new", "starting the new year off the way you would like the rest of the year to follow", "setting the tone for the next year", "ridding yourselves and your house of the negativity and bad spirits of the previous year", "cleansing and rejuvenating your life", etc., and yet, they vary tremendously in their methods.

 We began comparing the differences in how our own families celebrate this holiday. 
 I'm used to the southern traditions of eating blackeyed peas, ham hocks and cabbage for luck, prosperity and money, whereas when I spent last years New Years with Will and his family they ate ribs and sauerkraut. 

Through my research I found maaaaannnnnyyyyy more traditions that I had never even heard of, such as Scottlands "first-footing", eating 12 grapes at midnight in the Latin countries, Festival of Saint Basil in Greece, wearing specific colors of underwear in Mexico, British Columbia's Polar Bear Swim and what is going to be my new personal favorite- eating pancakes like they do in France!  I think we are going to try out as many as we can this year! I have already found a bunch of awesome recipes and games to play to incorporate them all. 

I think it's going to turn out to be a fabulous holiday <3

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