Thursday, January 5, 2012

Allow Me To Introduce You.... my humble Blog Abode!  I wanted to wait until it was perfect to roll out the red carpet, but let's get real- a blog is always a work in progress, so who knows if I will ever reach "perfection."

Let's start with the old blog:

You will notice some similiarities, but basically I wanted to streamline and de-clutter my life my blog.  I solicited the help of the ladies over at MaiDae Graphics to help me with this project, and couldn't be happier with the process and the outcome. Jenny and Savannah had me complete LOTS of homework, which entailed answering about ten questions that turned into five pages of information and pictures in answer. It was no joke.
Somehow, they managed to figure out EXACTLY what I wanted from this, because they nailed it on the FIRST try.  Yes, we have been tweaking a few things, but I had not expected to fall in love with the first draft.  I felt like I should be asking for more, but why mess with perfection?

So what's new around here? 
+I did away with "P.I.E: Come Have a Slice of Pie", because I didn't feel like it truly got my point across, and thus, "Adress, The World: 00000" was added.  This blog's main goal is to document our life, which is potentially going to take us all over the world and our "Perception Is Everything" in how we come to perceive each new location as our "home".

+I added a "Travel" tab where I will be documenting our military moves, as well as any traveling we do. I LOVE reading about all of y'alls traveling, so I hope that you can enjoy or learn from mine!

+I gained a lot of space, instead of being confined in my old three-column layout, as well as some lovely colors and fonts.

+I got a BUTTON!  I am super excited about this because now we can swap buttons and such.  I honestly didn't feel like a "real" blog until I had a button.  Not that anyone has asked to use my button yet, but I have high hopes! (Humor me, please?)

+I got my very own "signature"! Fancy, huh?

It takes about a month to complete a new Blog design, but it is totally worth the wait!  I am happy to go into 2012 fresh and rejuvenated.  I was inspired by all of you, and only hope that I may inspire a few others as well.

So I would like to formally welcome you to:
BWS tips button

Y'all come back now, ya here?!



P!nky said...

Girl you fancy huh?!!?!?

Love the new layout, very clean and pretty! I'm grabbing your button now chica!


The Hanlon's said...

ooooo! I like it! I think I need a button and I definitely need a fun picture with my header like you! Ps- that picture is fabulous. you are gorgeous!!

Sharstin said...

loving chick--looks fab!

Sarah said...

cute! snagged it :)

Erin said...

The new blog design looks great! I need to do a little cleanup on mine!

lilmoomoo said...

Girl. I need to make me a button too.
And I would totally be down to swap !! :) :)



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