Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sometimes & Always!

Weeeell, I was supposed to work today, buuuuut I barely made it through yesterday and even the manager helped me get my shift covered.  You know it's bad when your boss is all like, "Yeah...you should probably not think about punching customers in the face..."  Not that I really would have done it...I don't think...but you get the drift.

Fear not, for now I have slept in, had a BIG cup of coffee while snuggled under the covers and am now awaiting an impromptu day date with the hubs.

We shall theme today's link up as my ANTI- Resolution S&A.

Sometimes: I wish that I participated in New Year's Resolutions.
Always: I realize that it is an unrealistic hardship to put on yourself.

Sometimes: Resolutions MIGHT work.
Always: People make these insane goals that A) can't be accomplished and B) they forget after two months.

Sometimes: People say they want to work out 5-6 times a week.
Always: Just the thought of tackling that workout regime is daunting and they never even begin.

Sometimes: People say they want to budget and save money.
Always:  They don't know the tricks to stretching and prioritizing their money, so they just end up with more debt.

Sometimes: You spend a TON'O'MONEY on a gym membership and all the workout gear that you will "need".
Always: There goes your budget and the space you had made while cleaning out your drawers.

Sometimes: You WANT to put emphasis on the "New Year/New You".
Always: You SHOULD realize that accomplishing your goals is a daily triumph, and should be treated as such.

Sometimes Every so often: You should re-evaluate your goals and your self.
Always: You will accomplish SO much more, when you keep yourself accountable.

It's Always good to have goals, but Sometimes you need to make life changes instead of unreachable goals if you actually desire to accomplish things.

It IS a "New Year" and if you REALLY want a "New You", then realize that you have to change from within first.  I believe you can do it...each and every one of you <3


Katie said...

I totally agree with this! I am trying to make goals for the year, instead of resolutions in hopes of attaining more of them. It is important to improve yourself, but not just at the beginning of the year! xo

P!nky said...

What great great thoughts. I have been guilty of setting the bar WAAAAY TOO high in the past, but now appreciate small good changes.

I am 100% with you now on re-evaluating every so often. Thanks for opening my eyes to a different idea.


The Hanlon's said...

I don't know if you read my post about change, but change was my motto last year. I mean, we are always changing, but i was adamant about making personal changes. I really love your always/sometimes posts. I might have to link up to these sometime this week on my blog, if that would be alright with you?


Sarah said...

I'm with ya. I made my goals/resolutions...whatever you wanna call them more realistic this year. I made sure not to set any unrealistic goals because I know I'd get way too overwhelmed even thinking about them. Super jealous of your day off by the way....even if it is my first day back at work. Ughh!

Bethany said...

totally agree about the resolution thing! I blogged about that, too!!

Check out my giveaway! It's prettyyy awesome! (:

Courtney B said...

Love love love this post... and totally agree with it :) we set a few goals but nothing far fetched. They are goals that will definitely benefit us and we aunt kill ourselves trying to accomplish them. We don't agree with setting crazy resolutions that won't ever come true :)
But you said it perfectly in this post!

ashley.warner said...

love loVE LOVE YOUR outlook on life!!!!! :) :)

x - ashley

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Megan said...

I seriously love this!! You are SO SO right. People definitely make unrealistic goals!!

Thanks for linking up again!! You are the best!!

Erin said...

Ha ha ha! Hilarious! :) I didn't make any either. I am just starting 2012 with more patience and trust!

Married...with a Pup said...

I'm not a big resolution gal either! And I'm definitely one of those people that buys a gym membership and clothes and then does not put in the time! Ugh, 5-6 days a week working out seems impossible to me too!


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