Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Best Wife Ever? This girl!

Gooooooooood Morning!
Yes, it's early.
 Yes, I have barely made it through my coffee.
Yes, somehow I am in a good mood...
Probably because it's Tuesday and that means "Sometimes & Always"!

Sometimes: I think that I don't need this iPhone.
Always: It saves me when I'm lost or 'need' to Instagram something.

Sometimes: I take so many pictures, knowing that I won't use them all.
Always:  I take them anyways and know that they will come in handy eventually.
Thank goodness for external hard drives!

Sometimes: My friends say I'm whipped.
Always: Will and I are whipped for each other, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sometimes: I am a bit overzealous when it comes to things for my husband.
Always: It's TOTALLY worth it.
Reference below!

Will wasn't feeling well, so I told him that I would bring him anything he wanted for dinner.  I should have known better than to use the word "anything", but I took the challenge and ran with it!

Call #1- Applebee's, where they do not put eggs on burgers, but when I explained my predicament, they were happy to oblige.
Call #2- Domino's, where they gave me a sweet deal on a small pizza!

Time it took to orchestrate this on my way home: 25 minutes.
Cost of everything including tip: $17
Look on hubby's face: Priceless!

He ate the ENTIRE thing and said it was amazing!!
Plus, all his friends are jealous. Go me.

On another note:
Picnik is opening up to everyone and somehow merging with google.  I'm cool with this BUT the collage option is missing, and I NEED collages in my life....Are there any other free or cheap programs out there that have that option?  I have photoshop (CS5), but I have no clue how to use it...


J and A said...

That is awesome! Best wife for sure! I love it, nice work!!

Dear Boys Love Mom said...

Lmao!!!!! That burger looks disgusting BUT you absolutely win the best wife award for making that little masterpiece work. Will, you owe her! ;)

Nobody said...


Sarah said...

dang girl!! haha i love how you were able to convince the applebees employees to make a custom burger for you!!

Amanda said...

Yup, best wife ever! I would totally do this for M, if he ever asked for it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who would go to no ends for their significant other! However, you do deserve the Wife of The Year award!! :)

lori said...

hahah thats so funny!! its sweet ya'll are "whipped for each other" :)

Katie D said...

You are the best wife ever!! I'm annoyed that picnik is closing!! I have CS5 too and pretty much just googled how to do things with it and learned that way! Once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze!!

Katie D said...

You are the best wife ever!! I'm annoyed that picnik is closing!! I have CS5 too and pretty much just googled how to do things with it and learned that way! Once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze!!

P!nky said...

That looks amazing!!!!! I gave you an award today! :)!

Katie said...

WOW, you definitely earn the best wife award! That concoction looked pretty good! Ugh, I'm so sad about picnik closing....if you find anything as good let me know!

... said...

hahahahaha! oh my gosh....you are so hilarious!

MonicaLeeBlog said...

hahaha GO YOU! Definitely deserve an award for that! Men and their cravings...and they think that WE are the weird ones!? lol

<3 Monica

Unknown said...

hahahha I'm dying about this! Looks awesome!

The Sweet Life said...

Hahah hilarious. How sweet are you. That is the cutest thing. I would do that for someone I loved.

Zara said...

BEST WIFE EVER for real!!
Holy moly woman! I wish I had a wife like you :-)))

Holly said...

Yum! Is it wrong that I think that pizza burger actually looks kinda good? :P

Clare C. Whitaker said...

Your sometimes, always is too cute. I especially love your post about you and your husband...that's the best way to be!! I just happened upon your blog and I think it's darling!Hope you are having a wonderful week and Happy Wednesday!
Twirling Clare

Laura said...

That is the strangest food combo ever!!!! You really are a good wife, I'm not sure I'd have had the stomach to follow through with this request!


lilmoomoo said...

that is too funny that you actually got it done!!!
I bet he was like HUH!? No way!!

You good little wifey you!

I am so distraught over picnik closing. Seriously.
I have been trying to find something comparable too. The whole collage thing I'm going to miss TONS.
let me know if you find something good!!

Also- I am FINALLY getting around to doing the post of the "TAG" questions you tagged me in ;)
I grabbed your button to link back to your bloggy..
It will be up tomorrow!!

Courtney B said...

Hahaha. Ok, that seriously looks disgusting. BUT you are the best wifey ever :)
And so sad about your laptop! Those lame-o spammers :(


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