Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday To My Better Half!

The Hubs is havin' a birthday today! 
We are enjoying a relaxing weekend, to prepare for the shenanigans we have planned for next weekend, but he's getting spoiled rotten with presents, yummy food and then in turn playing with all his new toys.

I can't help but spoil him when he treats me so wonderfully:

Plus he's so dreamy <3

So what are we doing next weekend? I'm sure Will is wondering this too...Which is why I made a HANDMADE card with the details!  We will be heading up to Denver on Friday, and the following will ensue:

Atmosphere concert (one of his fave artists)
A night out and slumber party with some friends
 Exploration of downtown
A visit to the Denver Art Museum
 Saturday night at a cozy B&B
We will be dining at Benihanas

After all this- I will have officially gotten him back for how crazy he went at Christmas! ;)

He deserves it all, though.  Not only is he amazing, but he is deploying.  He deserves everything I can possibly give him before he leaves.

So what is inspiring me this week?

Our Weekend Getaway! Duh!

(You know you liked that segue)
Make Sunday count y'all...As a matter of fact make EVERY DAY count.
Ps. Marital Bliss Part 2 is coming up soon, but I keep getting inspired and changing/adding to the reviews! Just be ready ;)


Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!

Anna said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! And good luck with the deployment, you'll both be in my thoughts. :)

Sarah said...

happy birthday hubby!!! Y'all are definitely gonna have a fun time next weekend! :)

Elisabeth said...

that sounds like SUCH a great weekend! and thanks so much for linking up :)

P!nky said...

Awwwww happy birthday HUBS!!!! You planned an awesome getaway, you should be proud! Happy Sunday sweetie! xoxo

Courtney B said...

Good grief... these pictures are TOO cute! And you are gorgeous, seriously.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your man! And next weekend sounds like it's going to be just perfect :)

Meghan said...

Happy Birthday to your hubs! It sounds like you have a perfect weekend planned!

Pop! of Style said...

happy birthday to your husband! Love your blog and you're gorgeous!

Erin said...

Such a darling couple :) Happy Birthday to your husband!

Nikskie said...

happy birthday to your man. and here's what i used to say to my birthday friends {and what i always try to convince myself} :

"might be considered contextually old, but always psychologically young"

have a great next-wekeend :p


Amanda said...

You are one awesome wifey! Love how you planned out this whole trip! I am brainstorming gift ideas for M for Valentine's Day, and you might have inspired me ;)

Mama and her boys said...

happy birthday to your hubby! He is a lucky man!

Pamela said...

How sweet!! Yall are way too cute!


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