Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"I Heart Tattoos" Link Up!

Lately around these parts, Tuesday has been synonymous with Sometimes & Always, but today there is more...I try to have a different theme every Tuesday to change up the link-up and this weeks theme presented itself.  Courtesy of Raven, I will be dedicating today to TATTOOS!

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

Are those even acceptable in the blog world??
Don't know- Don't care.
Plus, I know that even if you disagree with tattoos, you can't help but be fascinated by them,
and even more importantly- I know that you wouldn't try to argue with Raven.

Let us not forget- We are combining "I Heart Tattoos" and "Sometimes & Always". 
That's like having a devil (Raven) on one shoulder and an angel (Meg) on the other.  If you know them- you are SO nodding your head in agreement right now ;)

Sometimes: People don't believe me when I tell them I have tattoos.
Always: I am proud to challenge their stereotypes of people with tattoos.

Sometimes: I even forget that I have tattoos.
Always: When I see them in the mirror, they make me smile.

Sometimes: I wonder if I will ever regret my tattoos.
Always: I have never had regret for any thing in my past, so I will probably always see them as life experience and TOTALLY worth it.
Sometimes: I wish I could cover my body in tattoos like this~

                                                                                                 Source: bing.com via Janna on Pinterest
Always: I realize that it would make me look like I was trying too hard.  I'm just not cool enough to pull that off...

Sometimes: I claim to be DONE with tattoos.
Always:  I continue adding to the ones I have, and because of Raven- I now have plans for at least three more.  Don't worry, they are lil' thangs!

Arch Heart:
When your art teacher leaves you without new projects,
you make your own.
(Not pictured, whoops)

Celtic Heart:
Bull Dog Tattoos
It was fun getting this one, since I had about 15 people there staring at my butt...

My wrist:
Cherokee symbology- 2006
Lettering-Random shop
(Which is why it still isn't finished)
Feather- Diamond
Diamond travels the world working on celebrities, but he did mine in my friends
 backyard in Miami while I was sitting on a gas can, leaning on a speaker.
(I promise it was more sterile than it sounds)

Rib Designs:
Designed by Moi
Inked by BJ at Colorfast
He is a friend of mine and I let him use me for practice.
I like being a test subject! Just make sure you trust the artist.
Ps. This was the most painful...obviously.

My Pirate "J":
Probably the best story-
My friend Jay thought he would be clever and dared me to get a "J" tattoo, so I did.
I said, "Put your $ where your mouth is", and we went to the parlor.

Are you still my friend?
I promise I'm a good girl...mostly.


CC [AKA Frugalista] said...

My big sis has plenty of tats but they are all kinda girly and pretty like yours....but way bigger!! Yours are cute. I'm too chicken for a tat. Plus, I can never decide what to get which I take as a sign I shouldn't get one.

jessica said...

i love these. so original and fun. the stories are the best part of tattoos i swear.
following you, now!

Mama and her boys said...

I love you even more now!! seriously. I am going to post my tats now. haha!! Im a badass! ;)

Mrs. Robinson said...

cool stories :) My favorite thing about my tattoos are the memories & stories behind them. :)

Alyssa said...

Love your tattoo's! Of course we still love you! :)

Raven said...

ok number one, you are gorgeous (have I told you that before?) and number two, I laughed out LOUD when I read "and I know you won't try to argue with Raven" hahahaha!! You are too funny :) And LOVE LOVE LOVE the devil and angel reference to me and Megan hahahaha!!!!! I just LOVE her and yes, she is the SWEETEST little thing ever :) And I'll take being the devil a compliment :)

I too wish I could pull off the arm sleeve tattoo, but a few things stand in my way. My husband would be divorce me and the MAIN reason (heehee) is because they are so darn expensive!! Not to mention time consuming. I would have to win the lotto and take a solo vacation just to have time to get them done without being interrupted by anyone.

um, you are just way more cool now in my eyes because of the tattoo you got while leaning on a gas can. Sounds like my kind of girl ha! LOVE your tattoos! Love the colors and the placement of them all. And now you have to tell me what the other three are that you are planning??

Cait said...

omg greaking awesome girl- i wish i could pull off the sleeve tattoo like raven said as well- your'e rockin' it!

Renee@This Won't Hurt A Bit said...

I'm loving the angel and the devil! Sooo true! You are more brave than me sister! I love looking at tats but I'm sure I would chicken out.

J and A said...

I love this post. So fun and awesome you are!!! Great tattoos.

lilmoomoo said...

I love this!!
So cool that you have tats :)
I have always always always wanted to get tattoos, I've always been drawn to them, and appreciated them for the art they are.
(I seriously haven't gotten one yet because I am scared to death I am going to LOVE IT and want a million more!)
I can't even tell you how many drawings I have stowed away of possible tattoo designs for myself..
I'm really considering getting my first one when hubby leaves on deployment. The design will mean more to me then, and it wouldn't be "finished" until he came home.

LOVED seeing your tattoos and reading the stories.
very cool.

Megan said...

Hahahahaha, ahhhhhhhh, the angel and the devil reference totally made me laugh!!!! I love Raven! : )

I don't have any tattoos, mostly because I'm a big chicken. I would love to get something small/girly on my foot or wrist!

Thanks for linking up. I love how you are so good at making these themed!!


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