Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Makeup Tutorial

Happy Hump Day!
It's one of those busy weeks, which always seem to coincide with busy blog weeks, so my posting is all out of order.  I planned on posting part two of "Marital Bliss" on Monday, but a few lovely ladies were still picking up the book.
(That means there is still time if you haven't picked it up or now want to join in! Find info here.
Then there was the badass Tattoo link up, that I just HAD to participate in, and now I have been tagged in several of the fun posts that are going around, which I like to do promptly to credit the tagger(s).  One of them is an accent Vlog, thus my makeup tutorial had to be posted today, since I put such emphasis on it being my first vlog....Now I know that I am not held to that, but there is just something in me, that feels the need to keep to my promises.  Do y'all do that? Feel like since you posted that you would do something- that you MUST follow through?  I can be flexible with some things and I try not to make promises I can't keep, but sometimes I feel like I am bound by my words on blogger, in spite of everything.

Oh well, point is- Now you get a VLOG!

This is a makeup tutorial, just as the title denotes, but I am no professional.  I'd like to think my makeup looks good, but regardless, it's what works for me.  If you think I look like a clown- please refrain from throwing it in my face ;)

{If you have any questions regarding products, feel free to ask!}

#1- Sorry it's longer than I planned, but it is a tutorial so I didn't want to rush.
#2 You might need to turn up the volume.
#3 I probably should have looked into the camera while applying, but just so you know- I had to set up the camera on top of a box, placed precariously on top of the sink, so my angles were hard to work with...I only just now realized that I could have used my tripod...whoops!
#4 I hope you don't find it boring.
#5 It's my first EVER Vlog. Don't judge.


Aaaannnnd the Finished Product:

With a little Picnik editing and the appropriate posing of course! 

Have a great day y'all!!



P!nky said...

You, girlfriend, are 100% GORGEOUS! Seriously, your eyes, so pretty!

Thanks for sharing and woohoo for your first vlog. I think you rocked it!!!


Mama and her boys said...

um, ya, you are GORGEOUS!! And I have no idea how to do eye make up. its so annoying. I'm gone to the mall and have had them show me and it still looks terrible. Loved the vlog. "its my vlog and I will do what I want" lol

J and A said...

Beautiful! I lvoe this, thanks lady!

CC [AKA Frugalista] said...

I love it how the green and yellow flecks in your eyes match your top. Gorgeous. I seriously need make up tips so thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

You are seriously gorgeous!!!!

P!nky said...

Since email is being bootleg, I'll post the comment here.

Would you mind guest posting for while I'm away. You can write about ANYTHING you want, I would just need the html by Monday the 23rd.

Hit meup on email if you have any questions! Thanks girlie xoxo


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