Thursday, May 31, 2012

Even Though I Don't Drink....

Yes, I know that I drank in Denver, but that hangover just reaffirmed my feelings on drinking.
This doesn't mean that I can't still go out with friends....
I'm really good at sober fun, as a matter of fact.
Here I am dancing on a bar totally sober:

It is actually really funny when I order water at a bar, and the bartender looks really confused.

Good news, Happy Hour is more about the fun and convo, than the beverages.
{I never really cared for the half-price well drinks anyways}
That's why I decided to join in with Jenn and Trish to share in the fun!

I would love to share the heck of a day I had at work yesterday, but we aren't anywhere NEAR

Instead, let's talk girl stuff.
I got an email from a sweet blogger last night asking about my makeup routine, and since it has been awhile since I shared it, I figured why not!
You can find the initial post with the video here, but here is a shot of the products:

For preparation:
I wash with Noxzema Triple Clean.
Apply PersaGel 10 all over to balance my oils with the Benzoyl Peroxide.
Apply liberal amounts of Clinique Moisturizing Gel to offset the dryness caused by the Benzoyl Peroxide.  I use the gel moisturizer, because the lotion makes me breakout.
{I'm actually thinking of covering this more in depth, because this regimen changed my life}

Spot Treatment:
I don't wear foundation or powder (they also make me breakout), so I use Clinique concealer for any spots or blemishes, which is then blended with the little red brush and the Physicians Formula Bronzer pallet.  I just mix the colors to cover as necessary.  If I have a really red spot, I used the Physicians formula green concealer.  The green tint cancels out the red.  Very great for "that time of the month" breakouts.

I am very picky about the type of brush on my liquid liner, but NYC has just what I like. I apply it on my top lash line, and while that dries, I fill in my eyebrows with a little bit of eye shadow (I am obsessed with full eyebrows, but mine are blonde, dang it), and then apply eye shadow. I mostly use Covergirl because I LOVE the colors and how the colors blend, but I like the LA Colors pallets, as well. I follow all that up with Covergirl Pencil Eyeliner, and then call it a day! I would explain exactly how I do the eye shadow, but that would be hard....just watch the video. ;)

I'm sure some of you are appalled that I don't use all department store makeup, but makeup really isn't my top priority.  If I can make it work with drugstore products, then that's what I'm going to do!

I know a lot of people ask me how I curl my hair and what the "Curling Wand" is, so here is a visual:

It's really that easy.  
My hair doesn't hold curl for crap, but I can manage to keep it wavy or with loose curls.
The key is LOTS of hairspray.
Speaking of which, I'm looking for a new hairspray.
I want something that holds extremely well without giving you helmet hair.
I have used Aussie and other generic brands, but I'm looking for something a little higher quality.
Any ideas?

I happen to have another surprise up my sleeve ;)
Zara and I came up with a fun 30 Day Challenge, and we will be kicking it off tomorrow!
I wish that we had more time to get y'all acclimated to the idea, but we figured that there is no time like the present! Come back tomorrow to find out ALL about it!

Happy "Thirsty Thursday", Y'all!


Nikki said...

I swear by this hair spray....

TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray

Never gives me helmet hair and the hold is GREAT!

Excited to see what your 30 day challenge is!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

I swore off drinking after my birthday outting a few weeks back. Lol.
Can't wait to see your 30 day challenge!!!

Jenn said...

YAYYY! So glad you linked up! And you're totally right--HH isn't just about drinking, it's about the chatting and gossip! :)
Love this post! :)

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I love Physicians Formula concealer. I use the yellow and light colored one! Plus, your hair is gorgeous. I would love to curl my hair, but I'm so impatient, since it takes forever.

P!nky said...

I swear by tressemme, my one and only hairspray LURVE!!!

Sweet lady text me about your horrible work day if you need to vent, I can keep a secret :)!

LOVE your hair, so pretty!


Miss Rachel M. said...

You know... it doesn't hurt that you're naturally beautiful, missy!!

Thanks for sharing your makeup tips.. Always cool to get new tips!

Alana Christine said...

Gorgeous!! Idk how you have the patience for that routine--I barely get my faced washed, let alone lotion. haha. Definitely agree with the curling wand--long hair is nearly impossible to curl with a normal curling iron.
Still wanna swap buttons next month?

Heather said...


Sarah said...

I use that Clinique gel too! :) And your hair always looks amazing....and when I try to do mine like doesn't stay. So maybe you just need to come do my hair for me, deal?! ;)

My absolute favorite hairspray is Spray & Play by Big Sexy Hair. I've used lots of different brands but I got this last fall and haven't switched since. It gives lots of volume and holds my hair in place....without it being all crunchy and crap. LOVE it!!

Breenah said...

Love your hair! Big Sexy Hair is my favorite hairspray and it's got a fun name!

J and A said...

Such pretty hair! I am gonna try your cleanser and persagel - thank you!!!

Zara said...

I love your hair!!!! And the fact that you don't even dye it! So jealous!

The best hairspray (in my book) is the Bed Head Hard Head! I LOVE IT. it can make your hair a little crunchy if you put too much in, but with just a little bit it will hold my hair in place for the whole day!

Sebastian also makes a good hairspray and I use them both!

his little lady said...

okay, those curls are oh so fabulous!!!!
xo TJ

Jean said...

I usually end up being sober cab unless it's for a special occasion w/ friends and I've never danced on the bar or any table tops, LOL!

I wouldn't look at anyone weird if they ordered water. I love my beer but lately, I have been cutting back.. I think that's where most of my weight came from. And there isn't much wrong about drinking if one knows how to handle it... and when I do decide to drink, I'm in love w/ craft beer!!! It just tastes weird to be drinking the major brands (budweiser)... yep ;)

Funny you say, I am going to enjoy some white wine w/ my chicken tonight! :) :)

Jess said...

You make this hairstyle look SO EASY!
I need to bookmark this page for when my hair gets long enough to do this kind of thing, because let's be honest...your hair looks GORGEOUS!

I'm so stoked to have you on my sidebar this month!
Happy weekend, girl! :)


Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

im not a drinker anymore either! god janna you are so beautiful & your little hair collage does not look easy hahah! that would take me forever!!!


Today starts my OPI & Essie Nail Polish Giveaway! Check it Out!

xo Kelly

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! I'd love to have a Janna make over!

Nicole said...

I have sober fun most of the time b/c I'm the DD.

Megan said...

Your hair is gorgeous!! I can only make curls stay in my hair when I do it with my Chi. It works SO well!!

Brittany @ Brittany's Joy Blog said...

If you're still looking for hairspray, John Freida's Frizz-ease is the BEST. I used to sneak my roommate's in college because it kept my bangs in place and held curls for HOURS. I was on a more of a Suave budget in college, if ya know what I mean ;). But try it, seriously. It's amazing.


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