Saturday, May 19, 2012

Please Accept My Apology...

So I need to make a public apology.
I have had my blog comments coming to my main email, since I began blogging.
Then recently I set up my google+/Gmail account, which magically started having your replies to all my comments on your blogs sent to THAT account, instead of my main one.
I just figured this out. Tonight.

Source: via Janna on Pinterest

I feel like a total jerk, because you probably thought that I have been ignoring your sweet words and questions, which is NOT the case.  I wish I could go back through every single one, but that may take awhile...If there was anything that you needed or wanted from me PLEASE let me know! 
I don't want to leave anyone hanging :)

I have been a busy bee this weekend creating a button all by myself with this
amazing tutorial, and the help of Jordan from Holding On To The Little Things.
At least completing that task made me feel a little less of a dumb blonde.

The best news that I have is that I got to talk to my lover tonight <3
Such a RELIEF.

Go check out Anna from A Sweet Southern Mess if you are recuperating from the weekend 
want to meet a sweetheart. She also helped to lift my spirits today :)
Well, I hope that you are all having an amazing weekend!!


All At Once said...

Yes!!!!!!! You talked to him! So glad he's ok. And you didn't realize that your comments were going to a separate email? Lol. Dork! That pic of that cat totally made me laugh. (een though I hate cats)! Ha!

Amanda said...

It can definitely get confusing, but I know you're not ignoring me :) I don't reply to any comments usually. I'd rather spend time reading your blog than responding to a comment, ya know?


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