Monday, May 9, 2011

Your Fave Store May Be Express, But Mine is COSTCO!

Reasons Why I Love Costco:

~Numero Uno~
It's exclusive.  hehe I know it's not really, but that's their gimmick.  You feel like you're part of the "club", and I'm ok with that.  Especially since we got the EXTRA-special-cool-people membership, that cost us $50, but get's us 2% cash back each year! Don't get too excited, because we only spend maybe $100/month, which will get us back a measly $24, but guess what? As a Gold member, they guarantee that if your reward does not add up to at least $50 (cost of the membership), they will round it up to $50, which essentially made the membership FREE! I like free ;)
Our badge of Entry COOL-NESS:

~Numero Dos~
 $Savings$-  When we adopted Weiser, we found that as a Weimaraner mix, he has to eat grain-free food, which as you can imagine is expensive.  They suggested the Kirkland brand dog food at Costco, so we decided to check it out.  Not only did they have a great selection of dog food, but the bags were HUGE and MUCH cheaper.  That right there sold us on the membership.  If nothing else the membership would have paid for itself just with that one item.  Since then, we have discovered products that benefit us in bulk, which has only added to our savings.  That was kind of tricky, since there are only 2.5 of us, but I mostly buy nonperishable things, or things that we can utilize quickly. 

Our staples include:
TP, cleaning products, laundry products, coffee, fruit snacks (hubby's fave), trail mix ingredients (I make my own trail mix), vitamins and toiletries. 

Other items that are in high demand in our household: 
Seasonings-I can't even tell you how much cheaper it is to buy the seasonings you use a lot of here!
*side note-don't buy them in bulk if your aren't going to use them very quickly because they loose their oomph and what's the fun in that?*
Feta and Sliced Almonds-for my Strawberry (Daiquiri) Spinach Salad Since I really do eat it every day now,  I decided that I'm comfortable buying these in bulk.  I probably saved a good $30 by doing this-SWEET!
And then, if we are entertaining at the house, we can get double the food for our lovely guests at up to half the price...I'm pretty sure it saved us $100 or so for our last BBQ.

On top of the normal savings, they also send you COUPONS!

~Numero Tres~
The entertainment factor. We could literally spend hours exploring that store.  That's why we hit the groceries last, so the food doesn't go bad while we are on our Costco adventure lol.  Between electronics, books, household gadgets and even clothes, the fun is endless.  PS-I used to think they had crappy clothes, but I saw they had very popular brands now-a-days, including Lucky!  Too bad I can't buy clothes for a year because of The Great American Apparel Diet that I joined. (I'm still going stong with that, in case you were wondering)  Once we finally make it back to the food, they begin handing us FREE SAMPLES!  -I'm.Such.A.Sucker.For.Them.-  I have actually had to start counting that as my afternoon snack, since they end up offering us SO much.  Tis sad, but true lol.

No one could avoid being sucked in by this sweet old lady...Such a ploy:


Mr. B's favorite part of Costco:
(Although, I can't make fun, because I go for the free samples.) 

In case I haven't made it clear to you- I <3HEART<3 COSTCO.
(And no, they did not pay me for this post {directly}...just inspired me in savings and fun :)


Melissa said...

I love Costco too for just about all your reasons. I have two kids so I get a ton there! I have the extra special membership too...I always get more than $50 back. :)

Cheryl said...

WE are Costco whores and we are 2.5 as well. Loveit!

Janna Renee said...

I am so glad to hear I am not alone in this one lol


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