Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten Fact Tuesday- Facts of Moi

Did I create this topic?...Or has it been done?  Scratch that-don't tell me! Allow me my moment ;)

As the first addition- I guess I'll fill you in on some more details about myself.  Hope I don't bore you. hehe.

1)  I HATE working out! I know some of you just cringed at the thought of not working out (I've read all your runner blogs), but I'm just not a regimented exercise person.  Take me for a walk, bring me to the mountains for a hike or find me a yoga (preferably hot) spot, and I am totally down- just don't put me on a stair-master.

2)  Since I don't work out I compensate with eating healthy.  It's become my hobby (other than blogging ;), my passion, my saving grace.  I truly enjoy finding healthy ways to "do-over" all the bad things that I love and to find innovative ways to prepare food to entertain myself and feel fulfilled.

3) I still cheat eat the not-so-good-for-you stuff, but ssshhh don't tell anyone!  French fries will be the death of me...I have never met an order of fries I did not like and the more good stuff you pile on top the more I'll like 'em.  My fave is Truffle Parmesan Fries...yum.

Don't even try to pretend that you could say no to this:

4)  I'm definitely a "Jack of all trades, but a master of none...". I can honestly BS my way through anything, but I'm not that person that was born to be a dancer, hairstylist, rock star, athlete, mathematician or engineer. I guess I shouldn't complain because I can pick up absolutely anything that I'm asked to learn and usually excel very quickly in said subject, but I guess I just get frustrated with my lack of direction.  I know I want to move forward and grow, but there are so many paths in front of me that I just feel overwhelmed.  A simple life is a happy life!

6)  For now I am a server/bartender with a B.A. in Bullsh*t English Literature.  Fancy, huh?  Secretly though, I really like my job.  A- I match my hubby's salary, while only working 30-35 hours/week.  B- I don't have to take my work home with me, and C-  I enjoy being a positive influence in peoples lives, if only for their lunch break.

7)  Other jobs I have had: Slave Assistant at the family Biz, Cashier, Daycare teacher, Hostess, Nanny, Administrative Assistant, Event Planner, Promo Model and Marketing Director.  I think my favorite would be the Promo job, which leads me into the 8th fact.

This particular event, we got paid to dress as a Duke & Duchess for a charity event- Soo FUN!

8)  As a Promo Model, I basically hung out and got paid minimum $20/ hour and on two occasions, they also had me sing the Star Spangled Banner during Fleet Week in Ft. Lauderdale.  Pretty sweet, right?  I must tell you- singing the MOST important song in the country to a sea of service men and women, is EXTREMELY daunting.  When you can bring tears to their eyes, you know you did something right <3.

9)  I also like the event planning gig because it allowed me to meet bands like Switchfoot, Our Lady Peace and All American Rejects, Comedians such as, Kat Williams, Darren Carter and Bruce Bruce and I alone had a yearly budget of $60-Grand.  Pretty good for a 20-year old.

Here is the crew backstage with Our Lady Peace!  I had loved them for so long, that it was so surreal...

10) My life has settled into a much less glamorous state.  Aaand I'm perfectly OK with that.  Actually, I don't think my body could handle all the hours I used to work, on top of all the traveling I did and the stress those jobs caused.  I once planned on becoming a brilliant event planner, but soon realized that the hectic life and high stress, wasn't worth it to me.  I'm really good under pressure, but the after effects kick my butt.  I DO NOT miss that part lol.  Now-a-days, working Monday-Friday, coming home and cooking my husband dinner, lazy weekends at home-while having fun with the hubs and our wonderful puppy- are what complete me <3
We may lead a simple life,  but it's most certainly, NOT boring ;)

Hope I didn't bore you too much!  Any requests on future "Ten Fact Tuesdays"?  I'm thinking I could eventually do guest posts to learn more about bloggers, and specifically- professionals who can teach us about a particular subject.  I enjoy learning and am constantly in search of knowledge (I'm a nerd. don't judge) and I think that this topic could become inspiring!  Any input would be helpful!  You can comment or head up to the "Talk To Me" TAB and shoot me an email.  

XO~ Love you all! ~XO
Happy Tuesday!


Mary said...

I love getting to know more about my blogging buddies. Your post today was terrific. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

grace said...

i love parmesan fries (truffles? that addition is definitely worth a try!) and the all american rejects (have they dropped off the face of the earth, or have i?), and i enjoyed learning a bit about you!

Janna Renee said...

Blessings to you too Mary!
and truffle parm fries are awesome because they are made with truffle oil which is very decadent and has such an interesting flavor! I think AAR has fallen off quite a bit..i heard a new song a year or so ago and then haven't heard from them since... but that was there second comeback, so who knows ;)

Megan said...

you are adorable!! and i seriously loathe working out too ;-) like the routine stuff, but i like to get exercise by playing tennis, walking my dog, etc. :-)


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