Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Denver In The Spring

Downtown Denver for the first time!


Not only was it PERFECT weather, but I was with some LOVELY ladies and we we're put up at a swanky hotel...
SWANKY-adj. [swang-kee]-elegant or ostentatious; stylish, chic, smart, fashionable. 
 Not to be confused as- "Is that a combination of swag and skanky?" lol love you Brookie!

Our hotel: The Curtis on Curtis

First time in downtown Denver!! our hotel

It had a virtual map of downtown and whatever else that big screen-thing did-

a virtual map in our hotel in Denver...sweet!

We were in Denver for work, but managed to have tons of fun!

 Dinner at Rock Bottom...yum!

Rock Bottom Brew pub

Then out for lunch at Cheesecake Factory and a stroll around downtown...




So happy that Spring green is finally here <3


You can play checkers in the middle of the Promenade!

wanna play some checkers?


One day was NOT enough time to explore...Can't wait to go back with my hunny bun, and the best part is that we can also take Weiser, because The Curtis is pet-friendly!
Wanna come with?


Kelly said...

Just hearing the word Cheesecake Factory makes me hungry. I can never decide when I go there - the menu is like 12 pages long!

MissMonDiva said...

Pictures are beautiful! Downtown Denver looks great! Bookmarked as a place to visit :)

Donna said...

Hi Janna!! Thanks so much for visiting! My hubby is from Denver, or Littleton actually. I've only been to Littleton once, back in the early 80's, and sadly never even saw Denver :( It looks BEAUTIFUL!! I'm assuming that is you in the header, and I lovve that photo!! You are soooo pretty - and your hubbby is so handsome - a gorgeous couple if there ever was one! Tell your hubby THANK YOU from our family for his service to our beautiful USA!! And your little 0.5 child is just too sweet for words!!! I have all of our 'babies,' present and past, on my sidebar as well! It's so nice to meet you!... Donna

Janna Renee said...

You should all visit Denver! It's a major hub, so probably decent plane tickets and the town is very eco and family friendly! Lot's of things to do and you don't have to spend a ton of $$ to enjoy yourself! Donna, thanks for all your kind words...they mean everything to us!


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