Monday, May 23, 2011

D.I.Y. Signs- So Simple That We Forget...

Or at least I do...I don't know about you, but I'll see cute signs in a store and I'll tell myself, "I can make that myself!"  Why then, do I always forget to make them?  Well, except for this sign right here:

I think was inspired enough to make this one because I had only been married about six months and my new last name excited me...  I'm pretty proud to call him my husband and equally excited to have accepted his last name, albeit I was sad to lose my father's name, as he is my hero <3 It's funny how a name can truly mean so much...After having one last name my whole life- all of a sudden I had to get used to a new one, become part of a new family, while trying not to disconnect from my roots.

Unfortunately, I don't have as many picutres as I would like to share, but I simply want to share and inspire on this lovely bleh  Monday!

First off, pick up some supplies if you don't have them lying around.  Obviously, those supplies need to reflect the theme/color scheme that you are going for.  I had previously picked up a wooden board, such as this:

other supplies: paint brushes, paint- mixture of spray paint, craft paint and laquer if you so choose, craft glue, hot glue gun, ribbon, string or hemp to hang it, glue-able artifacts, butons, etc...

Day 1: I braided some hemp together and attached it to the back as my hanger (let dry as you begin painting), but you could also attach any old picture fram hangers.  Then I painted the background color-it may need 2 or 3 coats, so just give them ample time in between to ensure maximum dry time.
Day2: I hot-glued the border on and began painting the lettering.  The border is simply some decorative wire mesh that I found, but the skies the limit on what you would like to use! 
I free-handed the lettering, but feel free to pick up some stencils to make your life easier.  I also did 2 coats on the lettering and then added gold accent after all that had dried.

Day 3:  If you decide to make it shiny with laquer, this would be the day (after everything is dry of course). I didn't, so on this day I hot glued little vintage metal decorations (hearts and stars) around the edges, so that I couldn't see where the mesh border was glued on the board and I think it tied it all together nicely!

Again, this is how it all turned out:
-and originally, I hung it on the interior door of our old apartment-

-but now it looks great on our living room wall!

(and no, our Christmas decor is not still up-these are just old pics lol)

Hopefully, I will remember to make another one soon! ;)
Happy Monday!


Alexa Mae said...

That is adorable!! And I love your living room...especially at Christmas time. ;)

-The Frog Princess- said...

That looks awesome! Good job! :)

Jenny said...

Even though I'm sort of old-fashioned, I think that 13 years later, it's still hard for me to embrace my new last name. I was glad to have the same last name as my husband, but it still doesn't feel like "me." Good for you for embracing yours. The sign is cute; good idea!

Erin said...

In my family we drop our middle names and "slide" our maiden name over, that way you can retain your family name. I'm happy I did it too.


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