Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Check-In!

Not only have I been very busy with work, but I have been having issues with Blogger too...booooo.  I was frustrated and didn't have time to figure it out, so I just took a lil' break.  Will has been in the field all week, which did NOT help my situation, but- guess what? HE'S ON HIS WAY HOME!!

He was supposed to be home by 10pm this evening, but then I hadn't heard from him yet.  I happened to be on Facebook, and a picture popped up from one of his guys, saying that they had lost something and no one could leave till they found it.  I then sent Will a text that said "Which idiot lost what?", and he laughed that I had already found out what was going on (I swear I should be a spy ;).  The really funny part though, was that the radio that was "lost" was really in the supply room, where it was SUPPOSED TO BE.

Now that life will be getting back to normal, I hope to be cooking some new recipes and keeping up with using all the fresh, healthy foods that I have been enjoying.  I am sooo excited to make sweet potato pancakes, tofu french toast, coconut butter, veggie mac and stuffed zucchini...all sound amazing right?  I will be posting about them soon ;)  I also have some other recipes to update y'all on, so GET HUNGRY READY!

I will leave you with an old funny picture of my husband...It was at one of our BBQ'S in Virginia, and as usual he hurt himself by cutting his foot open.  This is me bandaging him up.  He should be a poster boy for Band-aid brand lol.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! I'll be working, so make sure to enjoy it extra for ME.

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