Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 Fact Tuesday/ Blogger is Being Lame Lately ;(

Is it just me or  are any of you having issues commenting?  Blogger isn't allowing me to comment back on any of my posts or on anyone's blog that doesn't send you to a comment form.  This has been going on for a few days, so I'm getting FRUSTRATED!  grrr....

So, instead of stalking and commenting on all of your lovely blogs as I would like to do, I'll post a quick "10 Fact Tuesday".

Today's facts will be coming from this lovely gem that I happened to pick up from the library:
The author, Cassandra Kent, compiled a very comprehensive collection of "How to's" for any home.  Some of them I was familiar with and some are going to be nice additions to making my life easier ;)

1) Most people know that if you use newspaper to clean windows and mirrors, you aren't left with the lint that paper towels leave, but did you know that the ink actually adds shine to the surface?  I thought that was pretty nifty.
2) When you end up with small pieces of bar soap leftover, you can cut a slit in a bath sponge and slip the soap inside to to use as a fun self-foaming sponge!
3) If you get a grease stain, place brown or blotting paper over the spot and then hold an iron to it to lift out the grease. The heat will pull it right into the paper. Got a grease stain on your paper or presentation for work/school? This will work for that too!
(On furniture you can also pour talcum powder on the grease and wait till it soaks it up.)
4) Boil white socks with slices of lemon to return them to pristine condition.  My friend Emily tried it, and she said that it works!
5) If you are at a hotel with no iron, place clothing items under your mattress over night, and your body weight will press it while you sleep.  All of you lazy motivationally challenged Bloggers will love that one ;)
6) For long-lasting buttons, dab the threads with clear nail polish and they'll hold a lot longer...I don't know about you, but I HATE losing buttons.
7) Rub an ordinary pencil over a zipper if its sticking.  The graphite will help it slide smoothly.  I do wonder, however, if it will get on your other clothes?
8) Give stainless steel pans a good shine by rubbing them with flour and remove heat marks with a scouring pad and lemon juice.
9) Rub vegetable oil into your hands to remove dried paint, then wipe them dry with a paper towel.  It works great and won’t dry your hands like turpentine.
10) If an old paint brush has become stiff from not being cleaned properly, simmer it in vinegar until it’s soft and scrape off the old paint.  That'll make it good as new!

Hope you found these intriguing/ informative!  I have som more, but i'll save them for a future post.  Gotta keep you coming back for more!

Can I also throw in a "YaY!" for Public Libraries?!  I love FREE books at my fingertips!


Megan said...

Love your facts! They are definitely helpful!!

PS: In reply to your comment the other day on my blog, I am doing fruits in my fast. I will definitely look into the carrot cake milkshake! It sounds absolutely divine!!

Dionne said...

I never knew that about the pencil to help with zippers! That's awesome - i will have to keep that in mind!

Erin said...

Do you go to our cute little library? I was there a LOT last summer, before I got internet access!

Janna Renee said...

I hadnt heard of the zipper thing either!
Meg- hope that that worked out for you ;)
and Erin- yes I do!! I am constantly checking out books and even movies! I love it!

Barbara said...

Yes, Blogger can be very annoying!
I do love your facts...I knew about some of them, but not most! Usually on a stuck zipper I rub a bar of soap on the teeth.


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