Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our One Year Anniversary BBQ


Will made me this ^ for our 6-month [halfiversary?]

Saturday morning we were cookin' by 9am!  The house was all ready, so we got busy to get all the food done in time.  I'll have you know- that we were finished RIGHT ON TIME!  Although, I must admit that if we didn't have our lovely house guest who cut fruit and veggies for three hours straight, we NEVER would have made it.  All that matters is it got done, right?
I was a bad blogger and did not take many pictures of the BBQ :(  BUT in my defense, I was a little busy at my OWN one-year Anniversary!  Luckily, between the few that I did take and my friends taking some for me, I have a few to share...I'll caption them, but all you really need to know is that I feel truly blessed to have celebrated such an amazing day with my husband and that we have met some wonderful people here in the Springs, that made our day feel even more special <3
Gettin' everything set up:

HAD to make some Nanner Puddin'!
Bruschetta!  We all argued all night about how to pronounce it....Is it with a "shetta" or a "sketta"?
 My layered dip disappeared very quickly....
My Hubby's RIBS!!! 

Our lil' sweetheart grace got us a YUMMY Edible Arrangement...First one that I have ever received!
See the #1 for our Anniversary? SO CUTE!

One of the only pics of our lil family from this day :(
There were so many people to entertain!  He did come check on me often and give me a hug and a squeeze, so that we knew we were thinking of each other. We aren't attached at the hip, but we do make sure we feel loved! ps. That's our friend Buck's hand that got in the way!


Aren't all these girls gorgeous?
So happy to have made some friends in town.

Excuse the green lawn chair...The weather was not working in our favor, so it turned into an indoor BBQ.  It didn't phase us though.  All that mattered is that we had good friends, good food and good fun.  That's my recipe for a GREAT time.

One year down and ninety more to go!


Kathy said...

Hello Janna Renee,
My husband and I spent a few of our first years 9 hours away from extended family - It strengthened our relationship and drew us closer together - now we live in my husband's family home town and 3 hours from my siblings - God is good - your bruschetta looks marvelous -well everything does!
Hope you have a wonderful week,

SanQ said...

Fun fun fun! Happy Anniversary! said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like a fun celebration with some yummy food.

Tks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments.

Janna Renee said...

Thanks y'all! and Kathy, that is soo good to hear! I feel like that's how it's gonna be for us, but sometimes I do miss our families a lot!!


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