Monday, April 4, 2011

Looonely, I'm Mrs. Looonely....

Yep, the Hubs is gone for the week.
We knew ahead of time that he had field training last week, and then the day before his training they informed him that basically that was a joke and that the real deal was this week. AAAALLLLL week.  Did I mention he leaves for Air Assault School next week? So basically, April just plain sucks.  The only saving grace is that if all goes well, he will be home for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! 


We still haven't made official plans for the occasion, but since we found out that we are going to have a guest that weekend, it's not going to be private and romantic lol.  I'm thinking it's about time that we have some people over and BBQ or something.  Our actual anniversary falls on Easter, so I'm definately thinking an Easter Brunch or special lunch is in order.  I LOVE Brunch, so that sounds just fine with me!

Time for me to go to work!  At least I have something to make this month go by a bit faster....

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