Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unsung Heros

I'm too busy these days, but I managed to do the Click-A-Pic Challenge, again!

Click a Pic Challenge

+Brand Whore
+Meaningful Accessory

+I don't do the "brand" thing anymore, so I skipped that one.
+I combined manicure and meaningful accessory because I don't do manicures. Basically, I'm just showing that my ring is the only pizzazz I need on my hands and my most meaningful accessory.
+I love the "cozy" factor that flowers can add. Whether they are real or fake, you will find flowers all over my house. They make me happy, and are a cheap decor option. Win/Win.

And as for one of my favorite quotes?
You might have seen this before, since I took the picture, but it still rings true:

On another note, yesterday was very interesting...

I woke up from a nightmare that Will asked for a divorce, but when I awoke I asked him if he loved me more than anything in the world, he replied "Only when I'm breathing." Phew.
Then he surprised me with a video Skype sesh, which made me extra happy.

{Thanks for the heads up about needing more blurage on the usernames!}
{All Better!}

A short time later, I headed out to work and darn it all, the little Toyota wouldn't start, so I had to drive Big Blue- the Full size Blazer on 35's. 
I thought that it was just a dead battery, but luckily I asked my neighbor for help because it wasn't the battery, and he deduced the real problem! A few minutes later the starter was tightened and we were good to go. I grabbed money and pleaded for him to take it, even telling him that I promised to bug him for something else in the future.
He shook his head and said, "As long as your husband is deployed, you just come to me when you have truck problems, and thank him for his service."

Tears welled up in my eyes, and all I could do was ask him if I could give him a hug.
I contained myself until he walked away and then the floodgates were opened by feelings of thankfulness, relief, and the realization that this guy has been keeping an eye on me the whole deployment without even having to be asked.

I don't even know his name, and yet...he's now a hero.
People like him restore my faith.

Come back tomorrow for more ladies of Define Your Own Perception!
They all restore my faith, as well.


Noel said...

Hey girl, just wanted to tell you your usernames are still visible so you might want to re-blur them. Your neighbor sounds very sweet!

Nikki said...

Awe how sweet your face is in that video chat with your hubby....btw you can totally see your usernames still so you may wanna fix that. Just thought I would let you know. Also how sweet was your neighbor!

Meg Cady said...

I love when I hear that military wives get to hear from their husbands... it makes me heart happy as well as thankful.

Such a sweet neighbor! I am sure your hubs is just as thankful for your neighbor watching out for you as your neighbor is for your husband looking out for this country!

Happy tuesday!

P!nky said...

There are good people in the world and I'm glad you were able to experience one.

GOOD FOR HIM! Made me tear up a bit when I read the post!


Morgan @ xoxo, me said...

Awww the story about your neighbor gave me chills! That is SO sweet. It's so reassuring and heartwarming to know that there are amazing people like that out there.

Melissa said...

The story about your neighbor is amazing... It just goes to show that there really are good and decent people in the world, just amazing!!

<3 Melissa
P.S. your ring is gorgeous! :)

Joeli said...

Tears welled up in MY eyes with the neighbor story! Your husband is a hero, you are a hero and now you have a hero at home across the street! Restores my faith in humanity when simple things like this is unleashed. Amazing.

Erin said...

Aww that is just the sweetest thing! That makes my heart happy to know that there really are still good people out there. With all of these shootings lately I've been beginning to wonder.

Thank your husband for being all of our heros while you're at it! And for being a good e-ring picker outer :)

Alana Christine said...

That is so sweet that your neighbor did that!
Love your ring!

Emily H. said...

that is a great neighbor you have. and awesome that you got to skype with your hubby. sounds like you really have some great guys in your life, whether you know their name or not.

MzJessicaxo said...

I LOVE this!! So amazing that your neighbour is like that, those people are hard to come by these days :)

Katy said...

What a sweet neighbor you have!

CeCe said...

I'm not much into manicures myself. I get the pedi's but only get the nails done when I'm going somewhere special. What a sweet neighbor! Glad it was something so minor.

Nicole said...

Maybe I'm just super emotional today or something, but I teared up a little reading about how your neighbor has been looking out for you :) What a nice person :)

Morgan Neal said...

Found your blog via The Chiffon Diary..
Come say hello and enter my give away at starsstripesandamilitarylife.blogspot.com


I'm an Army wife too! And your newest follower!

Morgan Neal said...

Neighbors are the best! A tree fell on my house last week! My hubby's deployed too! They helped so much! I feel like I call on them way too often! Haha.


Kristina from Everything Changes said...

Wow - this is an amazing story. :) I love it when little things happen to us that restore our faith in humanity. God's blessed you with a very special neighbor! :)

Courtney B said...

Your neighbor is a keeper!! Such a sweetheart!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

god your ring is so beautiful!! look at it shine! thank you for linking up again!!! youre the best! that picture of you and hubs skyping is ADORABLE! you both look so in love. i love it! i hope to meet both of you one day! can't wait for tomorrow's post! i really love this thing your doing! LOVE YOU xo Kelly

Kenzie Smith said...

I totally adore your ring - so gorgeous! I would love to get more flowers around my house, I would have to agree that they really spruce things up.
Love the picture of you two skyping!
I teared up about what the gentleman said to you about Will's deployment, how sweet of him!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

There truly are some amazing people out there in the world, and you are lucky enough to live near one. I"m so glad you have people looking out after you, deployments are ruff and we need all the help and angels looking down on us and our loved ones that we can get.

Mrs in Training said...

Wow what an awesome hero...the world needs more people like that. God bless him!!

Nicole said...

Don't you just love neighbors like that! How fabulous is he! And I love Will's answer!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Glad you got to hear from hubby! My rings are my favorite accessory too. Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway, Ill head over now to enter!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awww that was really sweet!

Jess said...

oh my goodness, your ring is GORGEOUS! And I hate nightmares about losing the hubby. It's scarier than the dreams where all my teeth fall out! hehe!


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