Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Today, I am over here, and if you love me, you will go LEAVE A COMMENT telling this sweet girl hey. It is the proper blogger thing to do, I tell ya. Don't worry, I turned my comments off, so you don't have to waste time commenting on both. You're welcome.


Next up...remember that HUGE giveaway I won?
I'm not gonna lie...I had all these aspirations of sharing each and every one of these fabulous ladies in their own post, but let's be realistic...that would take YEARS. All you need to know, is that they are all fabulous, and that I am forever indebted to the AMAZING Erin for hookin' it up! If you haven't been introduced to her blog Living In Yellow, then go now and thank me later...


There were more, but one or two never sent me the prizes and one or two blogs don't exist anymore.
If you happen to be one of the unmentioned bloggers, feel free to contact me!


As if that wasn't enough, I also won a Target Gift Card from:
Messy Dirty Hair // The Chiffon Diary

A gorgeous bracelet from:
My Kind Of Crazy


AND a pair of shoes from:
Sky High Heels and Sweatpants Too
(just ordered and can't WAIT to get them!)

It's totally okay if you hate me now...I didn't deserve all of these fabulous wins, but I'll sure as heck take 'em. Thank you to the blogging gods for their generosity!

Now, go check out my Guestpost, and have a fabulous holiday weekend!


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