Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sometimes Shopping IS The Answer

And no, I'm absolutely NOT talking about the materialistic aspect!  Yes, it is fun to pick up some new goodies, but not only do I find shopping or "window shopping" to be like a game- finding just what I'm looking for, at just the right price- I also find it to be a great "hangin' with the girls" activity.  There is just something rejuvenating about having girl time, and what better setting than an afternoon shopping excursion!

I'm so happy my girlfriend Jaycee wanted some help shopping for some winter attire, since she's from Vegas and doesn't know what "winter" really is.  I feel like we didn't get enough accomplished of that particular task, but we had a blast in the process and we can't wait to hang out again!  It's so nice to connect with people in Colorado Springs...It's hard to meet new people and then it's even harder to form relationships when you are married.  Not that I'm complaining, since I LOVE being married (specifically to my husband), but I don't like making plans without him.  That means that unless he's out training, girl time is limited.  Obviously, he is away right now, so girl time was ON!

I got this cute top at Express on SALE!  It looks great on and I already have several plans for it...

I love this necklace!  It will work great with this top and I'm sure I will work it into a few other outfits, as well.
The little rosettes appeal to my soul...

Jaycee and I brought matching bracelets!! How cute??

Best deal of the day: 
 His and hers shoes from Famous Footwear's Buy One Get One Half Off sale!! I am proud to say that mine were the cheaper of the two.

I think that it's funny that his shoes look small in this picture.  He wears a size 12 and I only wear a 7.5!!

I need to do this more often...but I'm hoping my hubby will be home today, so he gets all my attention for a little while ;)  I can't explain how much I want to plant a BIG OL' KISS ON HIM!!

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Zara said...

I'll be the first to post on this!
We need to go shopping together! I have the same exact shoes and the same exact top from Express :-) Great minds think alike!


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