Monday, September 26, 2011

Hate Mondays...So I stopped working them!

I can't wait for....CHRISTMAS!!!  (I'm not even mad that Costco has their Christmas Decor out.)  I need some Christmas Spirit in my life....

I'm happy that....that yesterday was a wonderful day of fun with just me and the hubs <3

I'm excited because....My best friend bought me a plane ticket to come see her for my birthday! (more on that tomorrow, so you'll have to come back to find out the deets!

I'm craving...Jami's green chili, that she brought to our BBQ on Saturday...YUM.

If I had 3 wishes they would be...
1) World Peace (No, SERIOUSLY. Why can't we just get along?) 
2) To get all of our family together in one place, since our families haven't even met...That's a whole 'nother story that I'll have to expound upon later, but we eloped, so it's our own fault ;) 
3) Take Will to Europe.  He hasn't been, and I LOVE it over there.  Just waiting till we have some time to go....

I miss....Our wonderful family and friends...The Army takes us far from them :(

I love...Food, cooking, photography, the beach, blogging, reading, music, traveling, sunsets and the way my husband kisses my palm. #meltsmyheart

I am thankful for...My husband, our family, our wonderful friends, Weiser,  the adventures we are embarking upon and simply life in general. 

This is why I miss my family:

Don't let Mondays Get Ya' down y'all!  Do as little work as possible, while plotting out the rest of your week.  If you plan the rest of the week well, then you won't even feel like you took a break on Monday!  Call Mondays "Mental Health Mondays" and use them to YOUR advantage.


Beach House Living said...

Your family photos are darling. It must be very hard to be away from all the fun you have with them.

Bon Bon said...

Ahhhh, I sooo needed a mental health day today. I made it though, and a bowl of ice cream awaits:-) xoxo

Erin said...

Love that song, it reminds me of my mom. <3


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