Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Needs Fast Food Pizza? Try This!

Don't get mad and ditch my blog, but I typically do not make my own pizza crusts. eek!
 Usually when we have pizza we are either super-de-dooper hungry and I throw something together or I wanna be somewhat lazy...aaaand throw something together.  Either way-  our tummies are VERY happy afterwards ;)

Mia's Pizza Pack
Whatever toppings you like (meat lover, veggie lover, Hawaiian, BBQ, etc.)
Olive oil
seasonings: crushed red pepper, LOTSA garlic, Italian seasoning, Basil, Pepper, etc.
And last, but certainly not least:
CHEESE!!!  Definitely go for 2% or fat free, since most of your calories are the cheese, but just to warn you- fat free is NOT like normal pizza cheese and cooks a lil different...I mixed feta and fat free and it was a nice mix!

Here is my latest pizza MASTERPIECE!

Cut up your veggies.

Saute up your veggies.

Brush a light coat of olive oil on the crust (optional) and then spoon on marinara.  I mixed in some herbs and spices with my marinara before adding it, as you can see:

Layer on the goodies:
I think I actually snuck some sausage on...I had made Will his very own meat lover's pizza, and I guess some jumped on mine...sssshhh!

I add the cheese last, so that it melts on top of everything and holds it all in.

Bake as per your package directions and VOILA! 

Delicious pizza at half the calories and twice the nutritional value!!

Happy Thursday!  We have ALMOST made it through the week!

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