Sunday, September 4, 2011

Elitch Gardens Amusement Park!

I'm sure y'all are all aware that it is Labor day weekend...
And yes, that means time for fun and/or relaxation!  I'm hoping we do a lil bit of both.  
Well, I'd like a LOT of relaxation, but we have a lot of fun things planned and I'm ok with fun, too! 

We kicked off the weekend by going to Elitch Gardens, which has a theme park AND a  waterpark, then the Taste of Colorado (a food and beverage festival), hopefully (weather permitting) The Colorado Springs Balloon Classic on today and who knows on Monday...

I wanna be doing a whole lot of this:

But I have a feeling that we will mostly be doing this:

I'm sure that it will be tons of fun, so let the festivities begin!!  Happy Labor Day weekend!!

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