Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reality Check

At Least Bad Things Only Come in 3's... well, I hope...

#1- My 4Runner decided to stop working on Tuesday.  It's not exactly brand new, but it was new to me as of last November:

Ok, ok, so I knew that it wouldn't last forever, but I loved it, and at least wanted it to last till we moved and I could sell it to some other schmuck individual.  Let's just hope that when the hubby gets home from training he can fix it. #crossingmyfingers

#2-  Apparently, the Army "overpaid" us for our last move and they want our their money back. I was kinda surprised with how much we got, but if you had to move all of your earthly belongings over and over again, you'd need some $motivation$ too.  Oh well, I guess I'll look at it as a loan with no APR.

#3- I got in a fender bender.  In my husbands-friends-car...since mine was broken.  You know how much it sucks to get in an accident?  Well, multiply that feeling times a hundred to know how bad it feels to wreck someone else's car.  It was a fluke accident caused by a handicapped pedestrian followed by a service truck that had no business running a red light considering he had NOWHERE to go, which he admitted to us while he waited until the cops came.  

In case that isn't enough of a reality check in itself, I'll tell you the juicy parts.  Will was afraid that I would be angry/upset about my car, but it was his last night before training, so I kept calm and enjoyed our last night together.  Two days later when I found out about the money- not so much.  I took it way too hard and what's worse is that I took it out on Will :(  I barely talked to him for two days and was a rotten brat when the poor guy had nothing to do with it.  In fact-he tried to fix and handle it and simply didn't want to tell me the night my car died to save me from a double whammy.  Man was I a bad wife.  I can't even lie.  But guess what?  When I called him and told him that I rear ended someone, he told his NCO's that he had to go and drove an hour to come to my rescue.  For a fender bender.  Because he's just that awesome.  

Oh boy did I cry and cry like a big baby AND told him I was sorry AND that I don't know what I would have done without him.  I felt like such a hypocrite getting mad at him for something that wasn't even his fault and then I go and cost us the money for the accident.  I must say, I'm pretty sure a higher power was rubbing the error of my ways in my face.  I am too hard on myself about things and that spills over onto Will as well.  I am very happy that I can now see that.  I'm sure that he will be even more happy that I realized that.  Life happens and all you can do is be prepared and take it as it comes.  Trying to avoid it or over control it is only hurting yourself and the ones around you.

Moral of the story:  Even when it seems like your world is falling apart, maybe, just maybe, it's for your own good....


Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

Wait, bad things come in 3's. After this year, I'm afraid that theory has been busted to hell. After my boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer while having no health insurance and everything that followed, I'm not sure how much I agree with that theory.

That's sweet that your hubby was able to come to your rescue. But more importantly, with all the bad things that happened, no one was physically hurt, right? Material things can be fixed or replaced, but people are irreplaceable.

I hope better luck finds you soon!

MissMonDiva said...

Keep Calm and Stay Positive!

You are a sunshine in his life, he knows that!! Sorry to hear about all that's gone wrong! Things shall brighten up, you'll see :)

Janna Renee said...

Bethany- I was only trying to be light hearted with that theory my dear. I wish life we're truly that simple, but since it's not- all we can do is make the best of the hand that we are dealt and remain positive. I am very sorry to hear of your boyfriend. As I've posted before- one of my very best friends has been going through cancer and it's been heart-breaking to us. We, however, remained positive and she is now doing amazing and is in remission! I will send some positive thoughts your way too!

You are very correct that material things are meaningless and I promise that I will never mistake the importance of life over objects <3 I'd trade everything I own for my loved ones...

Thanks Rachel!! You are such a sweetheart! I promise that everything sounds worse than it is. After the fender bender Saturday- I got to take a paid mini vacay to Vegas, got some rest and get to see the hubs soon, so it's ALL GOOD!! xoxo


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