Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year Is Upon Us!

I only have one goal this New Years Eve:

  • I am ready for the best year of our lives, so I am kickin' it off right!
    Especially since we don't know if we will make it through 2013 ;)

    We are still in Pensacola with the Family, but what are your plans?
    Do you have any traditions?
    We do the ham, black eyed peas, and cabbage, but I'm always interested in new ideas.

    As for the most important outfit of the year? I'm going flashy casual.
    We will be having a party at my parents, so I don't want to go too fancy. Something like this is what I'm thinking:

    Source: via Janna on Pinterest

    I think most of you will be surprised that I am going to wear PINK on New Year's. I know, I know, you'll believe it when you see it. Who knows...I could back out last minute.
     I guess we shall see!

    Source: via Janna on Pinterest

    It's also party time over on Jessica Who?'s blog with the Blogger Ball kicking off!

    1. What was your best part of 2012?
     Getting my soldier back!
    2. What was your favorite song, book, and movie of 2012?
     Song: Anything by Lennon and Maisy on Youtube.

    Book: The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews
     Movie: The Vow
    3. What was your biggest accomplishment of 2012?
     Pretty sure nothing can top making it through my first deployment. That is a doozie of an accomplishment.
    4. What are you looking forward to most in 2013?
    I think 'spending time with my soldier' is predictable, but oh-so-true!

     5. What are your New Year's resolutions?
    I don't do New Year's resolutions, but you can join me as we plan for this year. Find out how {here} and we can link up and share!

     Everyone please have a safe and Happy New Year!
    Hugs and Kisses.


    Jen said...

    Have a wonderful NYE!! We will be spending a quiet evening at home, so excited for that. :) 2013 is going to be a wonderful year for you.

    Brooke said...

    Loving that outfit!

    Happy New Years, be safe!


    P!nky said...

    PINK! DO IT DO IT DO IT GIRL! I know you will look smashing dahlin!

    What a sweet quote, I like it!

    Have a fabulous nye and new year with your man! xoox

    Jenn said...

    I had never heard of the New Years meal until I started dating my boyfriend--apparently I was living under a rock haha.
    Hope you have a lovely New Years with your lovahhh! :)

    Erin said...

    I think I will be wearing some tirquoise/teal heels just like those tonight!

    Optimistic Existentialist said...

    Here's to a wonderful 2013 :)

    Jessica Who? said...

    still so happy for you and your soldier! happy new year love! xx

    Helene said...

    I am so glad I found you in 2012!! Happy new year!!

    Cece said...

    Enjoy NYE with your Family. Pink is my favorite color. Don't chicken out! We're going to a friends house and spending it there.

    Anonymous said...

    Your outfit is super cute! I got my sparkle on for my NYE outfit :D I love sparkles, haha.
    Hope you and Will have an amazing New Year!!

    Nicole said...

    Love the chosen outfit and the quote is awesome... about kiss me - perfect end perfect beginning!

    Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

    You are so adorable and just as much of a hero. I look up to any woman that sacrifice part of their hearts to let their soldiers go to keep me safe! You are beautiful! Happy New Year!

    dreaming en francais said...

    That last photo is adorable!! Happy New Year to you and your soldier, girl! xo

    Nikki said...

    LOVE that outfit! Cant wait to see what you wore! Also that first quote is perfect! Happy New Year Love!

    Raven said...

    Ok I have to ask...did you really kiss for three minutes straight? Was it awkward? LOL!!

    Rach @ This Italian Family said...

    Happy New Year's, friend! :)

    Amanda said...

    This Q&A was a lot of fun to look back on different aspects of 2012 :)

    Mie Helal said...

    Good write-up


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