Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sock Bun & DIY Fringe

Good morning Beautifuls!
It's been an interesting week thus far...

+I've been having a blast orchestrating the Care Packages
+Cleaned the shizznit out of my house on Tuesday
{I'm talking baseboards, crawl space, pulling EVERYTHING out of the cabinets, and laundry}
+I tried the sock bun:

I liked the way it looked, but it was so heavy that it gave me a headachae...
Maybe I'll try the lower version at the nape of the neck.

+I guest posted about Florida over @ 2 Cats & A Chloe!
+Started working on a DIY Fringe bikin!
Cross your fingers that it works out!

+Got an award from Andrea @ Left brain, right brain, pug brain!
Who has become a new favorite of mine <3
+ Sent P!nky a Birthday card that would have made it on time, if I had remembered to put a stamp the first time 'round. Whoops!  
All that matters, is that she loved it!
+Finally got caught up with ALL my emails...let's see how long this lasts...

I hope that your weeks are as productive as mine.
Or relaxing...relaxing is fun too ;)
Have a great day, my dears!


P!nky said...

LOVED the card missy! Seriously you are the bestest estest! Thank you for extending birthday week!

Love the bun! It looks faboo on you!

Can't wait to see the finished bikini!


Pamela said...

Love your hair! Looks great :)

Amanda said...

You are having a fantastic week! Look all that you've done and accomplished! Can't wait to see how this bikini turns out :)

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Wow - your hair looks amazing!! Your bikini is such a great idea, can't wait to see it!! :)

Georgina said...

I definitely want to try the sock bun (and rag curls)!

That DIY bikini looks amazing, I can't wait to see the final result!

Have a wonderful day :)

Valerie Griffin said...

looks so cute!

J and A said...

LOVE your bun, too bad it was too heavy. That bikini is looking so fun! So creative!

CeCe @Frugalista Married said...

The bun is heavy 'cause you got so much gorgeous hair! It looks super fancy and very un sock like. LOL.

Andrea D said...

Aw, thanks for mentioning me! :)
I have so much hair that it's impossible for me to do the whole sock bun matter how tightly I roll it, I can't shove all my hair around the sock! But agreed, whenever I put my hair up in a high bun I feel pretty top-heavy.
Hope your fringe bikini works out! You're way braver than I am...I'm just planning to splurge and buy one this year :)

Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

Alice said...

I've been wanting to try the sock bun. Yours looks so cute I must try mine this weekend, I hope it looks as good! :)

Zara said...

I miss my long hair.
I wanna do a sock bun :-(.
Sometimes I feel like an idiot for cutting my hair off, and other times I want to do it again. Can't make up my mind !

Hope your Thursday is going awesome.

xxxx said...

I need that bun in my life! Tutorial?

Harlem Green said...

The bun is gorgeous. the bra color are very pretty!

Jin said...

your Bun is super cute!!!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

LOVE the sock bun on you! It looks great! Sorry that it gave you a headache, but hopefully wearing it lower will go better for you. And hey, super cute fringe on the bikini!

TIffany Gabriel said...

Props to you on a productive week!!! It's been a super busy week here for me out side of the house so I'm totally slacking in the blogger world right now. :(

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

Can't wait to see the bikini!


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