Tuesday, April 3, 2012

P!nk Persistence: Makes You Want To Dance!

I ALREADY love this lil' lady, but now our friendship is solidified forever....
I seriously boohoo'd like a little baby when I read her sweet words, and immediately made all of my family read it. #braggingrights

I had asked her to team up for Sometimes & Always, which I knew would turn out AWESOME, but I didn't know that she would say such amazing things about me.
I swear I did NOT pay her to say these things!
See her wonderful-ness for yourself:

HEY Pretty P.I.E readers!
My name's P!nky and I blog over at pinkypersistence

I LOVE to:
Have a glass of wine
Hang with friends
Go to the gym
Play soccer/kickball
Make new friends
Buy PINK paraphernalia!

Pleased to meet y'all and I hope the feeling is mutual. I am SOO thrilled and honored to be guest posting for Mrs. Janna while she is away visiting peeps.

Janna and I have been friends since January, which is CAHRAZY because it feels like a lot longer, in a good way of course. She is one of my closest bloggie gal pals and well I just adore her. She has one of the biggest hearts ever, which I learned first hand when we started chatting.

She offered me budgeting advice when I blogged about how bad I am at making a budget and sticking too it. I was touched someone I didn't know would offer me advice so I emailed her and told her how appreciative I would be if she had any pointers. I expected a few bullet points of advice, which would have been amazing, but I was in for a huge surprise when I opened her email.

Lovey emailed me back with paragraphs of advice and How Tos detailing any and ALL of my questions.  I was touched she would offer but I was so moved that Janna would take SO MUCH time to help me try and reach my goal. I seriously sat back in awe after I read her email, completely blown away with her knowledge and her heart. I knew then that she was a special girl and that I wanted to be friends with her.

Luckily, we are and honestly I can't imagine my blog world without this gorgeous ray of sunshine. I love reading her blog and reading about the fun times she has with her hubby and adorable pupster. As an Army brat and sister of an army girlfriend, I can't help but be impressed and thankful for Janna and her husband's service to our country. My sister's boyfriend just returned from a year long tour in Afghanistan and Janna always had a sweet comment when I posted about him being gone. Told ya she had a great heart!

Sweet girl, you know I, and I'm sure all your readers, are RIGHT HERE if you need us while your honey is serving our country over seas. Seriously, anything you need precious!

Ok, enough of that mush fest! Janna had a fun idea to do a play on her Sometimes/Always posts so
check-check-check it out!!!!

Pink=P!nky....duh ;)

Sometimes: We make Wonderful Bloggy friends like Miss P!nky.
Always: I am amazed by the way the universe, both REAL and blog helps us find the PERFECT bloggy friends.

Sometimes: I wonder what fabulous-ness the two of us would get in to if we had a 'Blate".
Always: Her blog 'attitude' makes me wanna fly out to MEET HER ASAP!

Sometimes: I am jealous of all the fun shenanigans that P!nky has.
Always: I admire Janna's strength and attitude while she deals with her hubby being away.

Sometimes: I wish that I liked to work out like she does.
Always: I wish I could apply all of Janna's AMAZING advice to my life.

Sometimes: I think we should take an impromptu Hawaiian vacation...
or at least go out dancin' together- I know how much you love dancing, girl!
Always: I agree with Janna 100% on this statement! We would have SO much fun together. Hawaii wouldn't know what to do with us.

Sometimes: I ALWAYS love you P!inkster!
Always: I <3 <3 <3 My girl Janna

Have fun sweet girl, miss you LOTS! <3

Blogging days like this ^ are what keep me going.
She is so right about feeling like we have known each other for so long. I guess that's the kind of bond we are blessed to forge in the blog world. Sometimes it's just breathtaking....

Y'all...please go check this AMAZING girl out for yourselves...
If you aren't already a follower of her- you BETTER get on it!
Miss you too, girl!


Jenn said...

I like this post because I adore the BOTH of you! :)

And, if you go to Hawaii, can I come too?? :)

TIffany Gabriel said...

What a sweet heart felt post, its always so nice to meet friends in real life but when you are able to make such awesome friends through blogging its so rewarding.

Pamela said...

AWW! LOVE this!! She is right, you are a total sweetheart!!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Awww!! I am loving all the bloggy friends I am making too! :)

MessyDirtyHair said...

awwww i love this! so sweet! i too have been so overwhelemed with all the sweet people I have met thru blogger!

xx Kelly

Sharstin said...

this is some fabulousness! love

Megan said...

I love both of you! It's so amazing the relationships that can be formed in the blog world!!

Megan said...

Y'all are precious! Blog friendships are seriously amazing! Love how you made it into Sometimes/Always. You are awesome at these things!!

Thanks for linking up!!


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