Tuesday, April 17, 2012

S&A Plus A Care Package Update!

Enjoy Sometimes & Always: Pensacola Edition, and then check out the info on the Care Packages!

Sometimes: Life is fast paced.
Always: When I go home to Pensacola, it's like time stops.

Sometimes: People say that the Panhandle is "behind the times".
Always: I'd rather be "behind the times", than not be able to trust my neighbor.

Sometimes: We forget that people are still innately good. 
Always: Good triumphs over evil! At least in Pensacola it does...

Sometimes: I think that people back home are more laid back than anyone else.
Always: If you lived st the beach, wouldn't you be laid back?

Sometimes: I think the salty air makes food taste better too.
Always: It might just be that we are STARVING after the beach.

Sometimes: I enjoy lots of fried food while home.
Always: I may not know what I'm actually eating when it looks so yummy.

I though it was fried steak, it looked and tasted like fried steak, but was actually gizzards.
That's why it was so chewy!
I must admit, I'm happy that I didn't know what it was until it had already settled in my stomach.

Sometimes: I have to go home without Will.
Always: It's more fun when he comes with me!
Well, everything is more fun when he is involved ;)

Speaking of Will, I am SO excited with all the responses that I keep getting about the care packages! So excited, in fact, that I am posting about it a day early :)

Let me break it down for ya....

There happens to be a war going on and with that war comes soldiers sacrificing time with their families, missing the simple things that we enjoy in the States, and at times...giving the ultimate sacrifice.
So what keeps them going while they are over there?

Problem is- there are some soldiers that have family unable to send them things, or even soldiers that don't have anyone to send them things.  Sad, right?
I personally, want them ALL to know that they are not forgotten and do whatever I can to show them that.
This is where you all come in.
If we all pitch in (even just a little), we can make a big difference.

Now here's what we are going to do.
I'm going to send out addresses to those of you that have voiced your interest, plus anyone that decides to join, and then we all start a'packin!
You can visit this post to find out how to get the Military Care Kit and how to fill out the forms, but you can also just pick up standard flat rate boxes (and corresponding labels) from the post office.

As for the contents of said packages, there are three categories that can be covered:

Necessities (his & hers):
Shampoo, conditioner, Shaving cream, razors, deodorant, chapstick, foot powder, baby wipes, etc.

Trail mix, nuts, jerky, packaged snacks and cookies,  candy, single serving drink mixes, tea bags, Via instant coffee, Raamen  noodles, and perhaps small water heaters/coffee pots- since they have no hot potable water.

Magazines, puzzles, sudoku, card games, Nintendo DS/xbox games (if you have used ones lying around or can buy them used), small toy basketball hoops, and the like.

They get limited food choices on the small FOB's and they have NOTHING to do, so anything yummy or entertaining is awesome!

In order to help as many soldiers as possible, I will be giving out two or three addresses to specific soldiers.  Upon receiving the packages, the boys will then disburse their contents in the MWR center and the FreeX, which ALL the soldiers have access to.
The packages take a month or so to get over, so let's get them sent out as soon as possible!
Once you have sent your package {or even just a letter}, let me know and feel free to send over a guest post, so that I can give you credit for your awesome kindness!

I must tell you that all of your interest in this little project of mine, has really touched my heart <3


P!nky said...

WOOOHOO! You are awesome and fabulous and a total go getter! I'm proud of you miss thing. I'm gonna get some letters written and emailed to ya POST HASTE!


Pamela said...

You are so sweet!!

Kayla said...

I have no idea how I stumbled on your blog but I must say that I love it! As a soldier myself who just returned from Afghanistan two weeks ago, it really means a lot when you receive a package from a complete stranger. Im glad to see there are Army wives willing to help others, not just their spouse. You are a blessing to so many people!!!

Randi said...

SO sweet of you!!! you have a huge heart!!

Nicole said...

I could handle living at the beach. Heck I went to Hawaii last fall and it was a blast!

And i love that you are doing that for the soldiers. My friend never got any of his packages we sent last year to him... and my hubby was in the military and spent time in Afghanistan so you'd think he would know how to get them there... oy!

Sharstin said...

rad!! i love this--you are so kind--

Holly said...

Ack! I can't believe you ate gizzards! That is pretty gross, lol! I would have been very glad I didn't know what it was til sometime later either! :O

I love the care packages idea. :)

Megan said...

Gizzards?! Really? Ugh. Haha!! I love beach towns. Life really does seem so much slower and happier. That's what I love about small towns, too.

Thanks for linking up, love!

cynthia said...

OK, i just packed up my boxes and they look kinda empty! I felt like I bought too much but everything lays flat and it's only about half way full. I am going to grab a few more items tonight and then will get these shipped out either tomorrow (if I have time between a haircut, yay! and Cinco De mayo festivities) or Monday at the latest. I have a post started so I will forward you the info when I am done. Thanks again for this idea, it makes me feel good to do this. ;)


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