Friday, March 23, 2012

Ultimate Wedding Week: We Eloped, Part 2

Today's Prompt: Before the Ceremony!
Hosted by the beautiful Valarie @ Along The Way with V & J

You can check out her blog for the most perfect and traditional pre-wedding fun.
Here- notsomuch.

However, you will find a pretty darn good story here today, if you will allow me to elaborate. Some of you might have read our Wedding Story, but I must admit I left out the juiciest part of the day. Now why would I have wanted to deprive you of this important part of our day?
It's because my grandmother was still giving me the cold shoulder when that story was posted.
That's right y'all. My very own grandmother wasn't speaking to me!

I think this must be illegal in the "Grandmother Handbook", but I guess Tata (Grandmother on Mom's side) didn't get her copy.  When she found out that Will and I were eloping- she threw a HISSY fit. Not that she didn't want me to marry him, she was just MAD that she wasn't invited.  This coming from the woman who married my THIRD grandpa when I wasn't there.
Double standard much?

At the time, I was all dolled up and already in my get up, so there was nothing that could be done. 
I tried to talk her down, but anyone that knows her, knows that it's her way or the highway- 
So highway it was. I was marrying this man WITH or WITHOUT her dang-it!

I said my goodbyes, wiped my tears and got on with the MOST wonderful day of my life.
No regrets.
With the support of our intimate group, we began the days festivities.

Hubby gettin' dressed:
Ooh La La

My best friend Dani put a smile right back on my face:

My wonderful Step-father and beautiful lil' Sister:


The Officiator giving the boys a pep-talk:

And last minute photo ops:

Wait...who's getting married?


What is not pictured? 
The jello shots that I made that morning for the after party...
Yep. I'm that cool ;)

There's going to be more fun in this wedding week, so that's all I can show for today.
I will however, tell you that when we finally spilled the beans my Grandma (Daddy's side) reminded me that she eloped and that Granny (her mom) wouldn't talk to her for six months!
I am proud to say that I followed in Grandma's footsteps, even if it did cause some pissed off old ninnies! (Sorry Tata and Granny- I mean that in the kindest way...sorta ;)


Danielle and Trev said...

LOVE IT!! Y'all are a gorgeous couple!

Emily Hope said...

I wanted to elope so badly - as much as I liked the company I could have done without the whole thing. I am glad that you did it your way.

TIffany Gabriel said...

Awh eloping sounds like loads of more fun, the excitement of the unknown and no plans so you can do what you want. We were going to elope if things didn't work out with my parents (long story) but thankfully they did and we had a beautiful and large wedding. Love the pictures, and sorry to here abt your grandma not speaking to you.

Valerie Griffin said...

y'all are a beautiful couple! :)

P!nky said...

Awww wow, that's so sad she was mean! Glad you followed your heart and didn't look back!

<3 you

Randi said...

LOVE IT! If I could remember where I put my wedding pictures CD I'd participate... I love that you eloped and that you stood up to grandma! it's YOUR day! :)

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Love your pictures - my hubby and I always kinda wish we would have eloped! :)

Sharstin said...

you guys are stunners! so awesome!

Amy {Fresh and Fancy} said...

how fun that you eloped!!! love seeing your pictures! so glad you linked up!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

LOVE these pics, sooo amazing.


Erin said...

Too funny, my photos look VERY similar from our elopement too! Not to mention my bouquet was very similar too - cream roses and green hydrangeas! Cream colored sundress FTW!

Lauren said...

New follower! :) Love your blog!

Nichole said...

So cool! I always love hearing a good eloping story!!

Recently Roached said...

So cute! :)
In the midst of wedding planning, eloping sounded more an more of win. You guys had the right idea! :)
Beautiful pictures!


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