Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fried Pickles and Paul Mitchell

Not that I haven't enjoyed working extra with my lovelies and keeping busy, 
but think I am starting to get burnt out.
Two days off in three weeks just ain't cuttin' it.

So what's been occupying my time?
Well, obviously BLOGGING...

Walking the dog each morning and finding inspiration along the way.

 Making Fried Green Tomatoes FROM SCRATCH!
{The secret's in the sauce-marinade actually- I'll share soon}

And I finally went to Paul Mitchell to see my friend Chrisitn!

Don't worry-It was just a trim! 
I'll have to tell you all about the school- it was super fun!

At the moment, I don't have a voice.  I REALLY hope this is just allergies, and will be remedied for next week. Crossin' my fingers!


SimplyHeather said...

My voice has been going away and coming back a lot lately. I've been thinking I'm getting a cold, but I'm not. Must be something in the air. I hope your not getting sick! Sounds like your keeping yourself busy. The fried green tomatoes look yummy!

Nikskie said...

that fried green tomatoes look yum!

i lost my voice too few months ago. as i hate chemical medicine then my friend gave me traditional remedy for the sore throat and voice-loss. turmeric and lemon. rasp the turmeric, crush the lemon and then mix them together. add a little water. it worked for me :)

i hope you get your voice back soon

Pamela said...

Oh my gosh, I need a vacation NOW too! BAD. :( Hope you feel better soon!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Those fried green tomatoes look amazing! I feel ya on the vacation - I feel the same way! :)

Valerie Griffin said...

i LOVE fried green tomatoes!!!

Val said...

Oh, how I adore fried green tomatoes.

jessica said...

omg i have always wanted to try fried green tomatos!!! i bet they're dank!

hope you voice starts feeling betta..i know that's no fun!

TIffany Gabriel said...

I've never been a can of Fried Green Tomatoes, maybe one day. Hope your vacay comes soon!!!!

TIffany Gabriel said...

*fan, lol I was on my phone.

Randi said...

hurry vacation hurry!! love that picture of the flag!


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